6th Installment of the Springfields Archive: Preston’s Radioactive River

This is from the 1990s. “You and Yours” BBC Radio 4 programme describing the “biggest in the UK” radioactive discharges The Springfields plant discharges directly into the River Ribble and has done so since 1948.

What has changed?

Nothing, apart from the fact that any mention of cancer and radioactive discharge by eminent doctors is now a taboo subject.

Campaigning on nuclear safety is no longer a “priority” for Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace.

And to top it all the nuclear industry are gearing up for new and much more dangerous nuclear fuel manufacture at Springfields for Hinkley, Wylfa, Heysham, Moorside et al (Springfields is btw slap bang in the middle of Cuadrilla’s fracking operations on the Fylde).

The blatant greenwash for the nuclear industry has accelerated since this programme was made in the 1990s.

A nurse from Preston told Radiation Free Lakeland that there should be an inquiry into just why so many children in the area have cancer.

Do we need an inquiry?

Do we not just need to stop this obscene nuclear juggernaught?

It has had a 70 year run and still chucks its waste into the river.

4 thoughts on “6th Installment of the Springfields Archive: Preston’s Radioactive River

  1. Incredible and appalling that they are still discharging their waste into the river. An Inquiry would probably decide that ‘a virus’ was the cause of the excess cancers. It is hard to imagine a television documentary or major news story now about nuclear pollution in the UK. If only people were as angry about nuclear power as they are about fracking!

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