Dangerous Nuclear Propaganda on BBC Radio 4. “Hotspot”

Today BBC Radio 4 treated us to some of the most vile propaganda dressed up in chocolate box stylee.  You can listen to the programme here
Below is my complaint – the more who complain the better – they really are getting away with murder.
Hotspot – “The Sellafield Effect”
I listened to Hotspot with growing alarm and anger.
The programme presenter enthuses “Copeland is how it used to be in the good old days of buying a house” and goes on to say this is the “Sellafield Effect.”
The presenter states inaccurately that “the nuclear power plant generating one the most modern forms of energy has given people a traditional old fashioned way of life.”
This is propaganda.
1. Sellafield DOES NOT generate electricity ( it spends over £30 MILLION on gas every year to keep the 140 ton stockpile of plutonium ‘safe’)
2. Nuclear power is NOT MODERN it is over 70 years old and a dangerous dinosaur.
3. “Traditional Old Fashioned Way of Life” – Many people in West Cumbria are frightened to drink water from the mains tap as they are getting borehole water while Sellafield gets first dibs on the top quality water from Wastwater, the Ehen catchment and the River Calder. Bottled water use has gone through the roof in West Cumbria.
4. The people of Copeland never have had an MP that represents them – the MP for Copeland represents Sellafield first and foremost eg Jamie Reed PR man for Sellafield, Copeland MP , Sellafield PR man, this revolving door has been a feature for decades.
5. This programme encourages young people starting a family to live in close proximity to Sellafield, the biggest and most dangerous nuclear waste site in Europe. MANY areas along the Cumbrian coast have levels of radiation that are over the recognised ‘safe’ limits. Sellafield stop monitoring and retrieval of radioactive particles over the summer in order not to frighten people.
Local Campaigners took random samples and sent them to nuclear science students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in the US for testing.  The resulting report found that 10 (28%) of the samples were on average 4.8 times over the safe levels for Cesium-137, and that 14 (39%) were on average 5.2 times over the safe limits for Americium-241. many of those samples were well over the safety level in both Cesium and Americium. The safety levels used were those according to the USA’s Environmental Protection Agency

2 thoughts on “Dangerous Nuclear Propaganda on BBC Radio 4. “Hotspot”

  1. Strange show. At the beginning she basically admits that it’s cheap because of the 140 tonnes of plutonium at Sellafield, but then wraps it up with what sounds like a pro-nuclear propaganda. They should be required to give warning to people who walk or purchase within a 50 mile fallout radius.

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