5th Installment of the Springfields Archives: Springfield’s Long Shadow


This is the fifth installment of our series ‘The Springfields Archives”

Springfield’s Long Shadow – It is Getting Longer!
A video diary by an courageous individual in the 1990s.
What has changed since then?
Springfields Nuclear Fuel plant near Preston is gearing up to produce new and even more dangerous nuclear fuel for the UK government’s diabolic new nuclear build programme at Hinkley, Wylfa, Moorside, Heysham etc.
And Springfields Nuclear Fuel plant is due to be surrounded by the UKs first major gas field with fracking operations by Cuadrilla at Preston New Road and Roseacre..
Most folk will have heard of the fracking operations on the Fylde but Springfields has slipped under the radar for decades and that is no accident. Please watch this and remember that Springfields is the spinning spider, hiding in plain sight at the centre of the nuclear industry’s web of evil.
Fracking is bad, nuclear is off the richter scale. But a whole generation have been carefully groomed to ignore the nuclear industry as a threat to all life on planet earth and instead to see it as some kind of ‘saviour’ even a “national treasure.”
Here are some quotes from the filmaker ..
“Silt is uncovered at low tide containing up to 1000,000 bq per dry kilogram of thorium and proctactinium”
“… these levels would not be permitted in the unrestricted areas of  BNFL plant”
“The source of this pollution is more than three miles downstream where BNFL Springfields, converted from a Ministry of Defence poison gas plant by 1948 at Salwick, discharges its radioactive waste material into the river.”
“Springfields is a very extensive works currently (1990s) being expanded at a cost of 145 million pounds.” “This is part of the manufacturing process for Magnox fuel rods for Britain’s early nuclear power reactors now reaching the end of their design life. The waste arises from the impurities supplied in the yellowcake refined ore from their customers. Its activity is mainly from Thorium isotopes, both Beta and Alpha. The old license permitted them to discharge over 1 TerraBequerel per day of Beta activity straight into the river. However, they used only ¼ of this limit recently and the new license reducing it to ½ of the previous one puts no restraints on them at all. From this effluent station it goes 2 miles to the river where it discharges with no warning of any description.”
(note: any mistakes in the quotes is mine) more info on Springfields here https://issuu.com/wildart/docs/spotli…

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