“Artomic ” This Sunday at Solfest

A brand new space at Solfest, dedicated to all the ways that we can support each other and our planet, The “WHOSE PLANET…is it anyway?” tent runs over the festival weekend showcasing the many and varied ways we can we nurture, protect and reclaim our planet and each other. Workshops and discussions from bees to bike-maintenance, building a wilder world, being politically active humans, breakfast utensils, belly-laughing and some things not beginning with B. Come along to talk, listen, create and make this world more “ours”.
On Sunday from 11am to 1pm  –  “Artomic” 

Feel free to drop in for one or both Parts of the Workshop

All materials provided – just bring Imagination and Creativity!

Comic Art and the ongoing Love Affair with Smashing the Atom.

(from 11am approx 50 mins)

We will take a very quick look at comic art from the 1956 British cartoon film by Peter and Joan Foldes “A Short Vision” to the wildly optimistic “Mighty Atom” as envisioned by Sellafield.

We will get Wildly Creative and produce our own comic characters for and against the UK Government’s plan for a geological nuclear ‘facility’ deep under Cumbria

A short break then…

Future Language

(12.10 for approx 45 mins)

How can future generations be warned “do not disturb”

The US govt commissioned a panel of scientists, anthropologists, philosophers, linguists, cartoonists etc to devise a way of warning people about buried waste for up to 10 000 years. They tried to work out what symbols and images and even landscape might communicate most clearly to any kind of society not to disturb the land.

We will create our own landscape and symbols to warn future generations:  “Do Not Disturb!”

Atomic Future Language


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