Hiroshima Day in Cumbria


Hiroshima Day 2018 – Barrow BAE Trident Shipyard

Stop Remember Hiroshima.jpg

Sellafield .jpg

Hiroshima Day 2018 – Outside Sellafield

Remember Hiroshima.jpg

Remembering Hiroshima – at Wastwater (used to cool nuclear wastes)

Yesterday Radiation Free Lakeland felt humbled to take part in CNDs impressive and inspirational commemoration of the terrible nuclear crime inflicted on Hiroshima. The nuclear industry was birthed to make plutonium bombs from spent nuclear fuel. The North West of England had a hand in that birthing of plutonium bombs. Now at over 70 years old, rather than ever more nuclear wastes arriving in Cumbria to be cooled by our precious freshwater, this dangerous industry, which is the prerequisite for nuclear weapons should be laid to rest.

There is an urgent need to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

The events yesterday in Cumbria paralleled those in Japan nearly 6,000 miles away in the Peace Park of Hiroshima, where thousands gathered at the annual peace memorial ceremony.

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