Letter to Greg Clark – There is Not Enough Fresh Water for New Nuclear, Stop Now.

The plans for Moorside are unravelling but we have to make sure.   The following letter has been sent to Greg Clark MP,  Please do use this as a template to urge him to scrap all new nuclear build.  It is beyond time.

Email:  enquiries@beis.gov.uk

To the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP

Secretary of State

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Dear Greg Clark MP,

Please Rethink New Nuclear

We are writing to you to ask that you rethink the already outdated new nuclear build policy.

The advice of the National Infrastructure Commission in the light of falling renewable prices and falling energy demands as a result of smarter technology, is that new nuclear build should stop at Hinkley Point C.

In Cumbria which is the likely “final” resting place for wastes (decommissioning and spent fuel) from Hinkley Point C we say that the Hinkley C project should be mothballed now before the nuclear wastes are produced.

We note that the South Korean government owned KEPCO are increasingly unwilling to invest in Moorside in Cumbria.   In June of last year many members of Radiation Free Lakeland wrote to President Moon Jae-in of South Korea saying : “Your landslide win last month was due to your promises to phase out atomic energy and embrace safer and more environmentally friendly power sources, including solar and wind.

Your decision shows a great desire to protect your citizens.  I thank you for your words of wisdom in saying:

“We will dump our atomic-centric power supply and open the door to the post-nuclear era. I will scrap all preparations to build new reactors currently under way and will not extend (the) life span of current reactors.” We agree that there would be “unimaginable consequences” in the event of a nuclear meltdown.”

I agree with you that “South Korea is not safe from the risk of earthquakes, and a nuclear accident caused by a quake can have such a devastating impact.”

I applaud your precaution and protection of your citizens and urge you to resist all temptation to export this dangerous technology to us here in the UK.

In the same week that you made your announcement to put a halt to dangerous nuclear power in South Korea,  your Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco) met with Tom Samson, NuGen’s chief executive in an event organised by the trade body the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA).

We urge you to resist any sweeteners our government may offer you as incentive to build Moorside and we urge you to resist taking any part in the unethical and dangerous plan for Moorside which would see new nuclear reactors on greenfields next to the already intolerably dangerous stockpiles of plutonium at Sellafield.

Many countries worldwide are looking at a transition away from the most dangerous way to boil a kettle. Some are looking to export their nuclear technology and the UK is now seen as the go-to place to sell outdated nuclear new build.

With our increasingly stressed climate the water in our kettles is of far greater importance than the means by which it is boiled, and nuclear is by far the most dangerous and expensive way to boil a kettle. Recent FOI answers revealed Sellafield’s outrageous fresh water use. According to the heavily redacted “ Sellafield Water Demand” study of 2014,

Water Demand Study pg 4.jpg


the total abstraction licenses are for 23, 562,732 cubic metres.  Sellafield freely admit in their “security sensitive” 2014 report that they have not got a handle on exactly how much freshwater they use for all their processes. The bottom line is that Sellafield requires massive amounts of “top quality” freshwater to prevent the nuclear wastes poisoning us all into eternity. As you know Sellafield have emergency powers to take as much “top quality” freshwater as they need. This ‘need’ to flush precious fresh water over ever more and ever hotter nuclear wastes is an ongoing crime against humanity.


The public have not been made aware of Sellafield’s massive fresh water use and yet are being asked again and again to pay for ever more nuclear wastes.  It should be clear to all by now that nuclear electricity is a fleeting by product.   It is beyond time to pull the plug on new nuclear build. There are not enough lakes in the Lake District to quench the nuclear industry’s thirst for “top quality” water to cool its heels.


Yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby

On behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

2 thoughts on “Letter to Greg Clark – There is Not Enough Fresh Water for New Nuclear, Stop Now.

  1. Elfed Jones

    Nuclear is not compatible with life on this planet. That means Fukushima (as we are shown daily, with toxic waste being dumped into the Pacific. Sellafield where it’s dumped into the Irish Sea , Or Wales where we are in energy credit from clean hydro renewable energy ) Go Figure.

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