This Saturday 4th August At St Bees – Radioactive Sand Sculptures

Radiation Free Lakeland will be at St Bees this saturday from 10.30am to hand out leaflets to folks attending the popular Cumbria Wildlife Trust beach sculpture event.  Please do join us at 10.30am we may make our own sand sculpture – rubber gloves and mask recommended. NOT recommended for young children or pregnant mothers.


A5 leaflet Radioactive Particles have been found on this beach Radioactive Particles have been found on this beach

HOT SAND Between our Toes 2nd page A5 leaflet.jpg

Radioactive particles are routinely found on this beach.  Given that CWT trust the industry and regulators when they say that the “last particle has been picked up,” we requested that Sellafield monitor and retrieve the area to be used by young children immediately ahead of the event.

Sellafield have replied  that  “monitoring of St Bees Beach was last conducted on the 09.07.18, 11.07.18 and 12.07.18 with no particles being detected.”   This reply does not reassure us that the area being used (was that even monitored?) is safe as there have been numerous high tides since July 11th which will no doubt have washed radioactive particles onto the beach.  Thousands of radioactive particles have been found on this coastline some including plutonium.

Sellafield repeat the mantra that “Overall health risks to beach users are very low and significantly lower than other risks that people accept when using the beaches”.   This is based on a premise that children and adults will not encounter or inhale radioactive particles.  However a recent citizen science project carried out by Radiation Free Lakeland volunteers in collaboration with nuclear science undergraduates at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the US.showed that a FULL ONE THIRD of all samples (picked up without monitoring equipment) contained dangerous cesium and americium.

This is far more dangerous than the radium particles found on Dalgety beach in Scotland where there are warnings in place while the area is concreted over.

Who is being protected in Cumbria?  The industry or the public?



2 thoughts on “This Saturday 4th August At St Bees – Radioactive Sand Sculptures

  1. Good success and wishes.
    Adopt my slogan.
    Plutonium is a crime against humanity.
    And all that this presupposes, especially that the
    existence of Plutonium is the witness to the crime.

    In 1975 as a member of the Chelsea NYC Coallition
    we chained ourselves inside Shoreham Nuclear Plant
    to express how insane it was to build a plant on Long Island Sound
    In Suffolk County NY.
    Wes Wood

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