Ask Your MP – WHERE IS THE RESEARCH on Fracking and Nuclear Traffic on the Same Rural Road?

Enriched Uranium HGVs and Fracking Lorries - What Could Go Wrong?

Dear Friends,

Despite petitions, letters and demonstrations the powers that be are ignoring our plea to Stop Fossil Fuel Extraction Near Nuclear Installations. This makes us more determined that we continue the fight with renewed vigour.

Because the war to Stop Fossil Fuel Extraction Near Nuclear has not been won we have to fight individual battles.

The two most important and dangerous are the fossil fuel extraction plans near to the UKs key nuclear installations.

These are Springfields Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing at the beginning of the nuclear chain near Blackpool and Sellafield’s Nuclear Waste at the end. The planning meeting for the first deep coal mine in the UK for 30 years just five miles from Sellafield has been deferred until the Autumn.

Springfields Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing plant is slap bang in the middle of Cuadrilla’s fracking plans – they have just got consent from the Department for Business, energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) for its first horizontal shale gas exploration well at Preston New Road. This is just over five miles from Springfields Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing plant. Cuadrilla’s proposed Roseacre Wood fracking site is just 3 miles away on the exact same rural road as Springfields.

Apart from the earthquake risk which carries potential for radiological releases from Springfields and its nuclear landfill at nearby Clifton Marsh there is also the transport issue.

Increased transport of HGVs on these rural roads as a result of fracking is an issue that has been discussed.

What has been ignored and shoved under the carpet in order to protect the UKs key nuclear site is the fact that these fracking HGVs will share the same country roads as Springfields nuclear transports of for example Uranium Hexafluoride. This silence on the nuclear/fracking rural road transports is shocking and shameful. There are high level vested interests at work here to keep this issue under the carpet. Springfields is key to the nuclear industry’s new build plan (and it also has contracts with the M.O.D)

I have been shouting about this and Tim Farron MP is questioning BEIS on why permission has been granted ahead of any reports into the hazards and potential environmental and health impacts regarding the increased probability of accidents involving nuclear and fracking traffic on the same road.

Fracking like all fossil fuel extractive industries involves a massive increase of heavy lorry movements. This kind of increase is dangerous on any rural road but on a road ALREADY burdened with convoys of uranium hexafluoride and other nuclear materials it is a recipe for radiological and chemical catastrophe.

To spread the word I have started a crowdfunding page more in the hope of raising awareness than money. If you can share the page that would be fab. Also please write to your MP urging them to call for independent research, ask them where are the reports that focus on hazard analysis and the chemo- and radiological risk to members of public by the projected increase in HGVs as a result of Cuadrilla’s fracking activity. Ask them to call for a halt on fracking on the Fylde at least until independent research has been carried out into fracking Lorries sharing the same country roads as dangerous radioactive and chemotoxic materials to and from Springfields Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Plant.

Following our concerns the The Mayor of the Fylde asked about nuclear traffic and was told by the industry that all is ok as ‘Springfields traffic is only on the rural roads near the fracking sites in the early hours of the morning’. I was outside Springfields Nuclear Fuels at 3.30 on a weekday and saw a massive 8 container consignment of uranium hexafluoride entering the Nuclear Fuel site (on the fracking lorry route). There was also HGVs containing other nuclear materials going in and out. The sheer volume of nuclear materials in and out of Springfields means that the site on this small rural road is very busy and with the government gearing up for new build it has plans to get even busier!

Fracking and Nuclear in close proximity what could go wrong? Quite a lot! Enough is Enough.

Thank you for signing the petition Stop Fossil Fuel Extraction Near Nuclear Installations, can you help spread the word by forwarding the link below to your friends?

Many Thanks

Marianne Birkby and Radiation Free Lakeland

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