Uranium Hexafluoride on the Same Roads as Fracking – You can Help Stop This.

Uranium Hexaflouride Lorry

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This shocking photo of uranium hexafluoride (UF6) containers was taken recently at the UKs Nuclear Fuel manufacturing plant (Springfields).

It is on the fracking company, Cuadrilla’s, proposed HGV route to Roseacre Wood and just off Preston New Road.

In terms of danger to the public the Springfields cargoes of Uranium Hexafluoride are a combination of chemotoxic (highly corrosive and explosively expansive ) and radioactive hazards. The road transports of uranium hexaflouride and other nuclear materials here are ALREADY way too dangerous without adding Fracking HGVs into the mix.

The Cuadrilla fracking developments at Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood are near to (five and three miles ) the UKs Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing plant. Roseacre Wood is actually on the same narrow country road.

Government has given the green light to Cuadrilla’s ambitions for Preston New Road despite there having been NO research AT ALL carried out on fracking Lorries sharing the same country roads as dangerous radioactive and chemotoxic materials to and from Springfields Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Plant.

The nuclear industry, the fracking industry and the regulators appear to want to keep schtum about this and if we wait for meaningful research from them we will wait forever.

So, alongside campaigning to lift the heavy cloak of invisibility on Springfields, we would like to commission expert reports. These would focus on hazard analysis and the chemo- and radiological risk to members of public by the projected increase in HGVs as a result of Cuadrilla’s fracking activity. ( there are also earthquake risks but the transport/nuclear/fracking issue has not been raised at all)

In the real world the same narrow country road is now host to Cuadrilla’s Fracking HGVs alongside some of the worlds most dangerous cargoes of nuclear materials. Incredibly some of Springfield’s nuclear cargo is bound for Russia (an “important market” say the Foreign Office)!!

How long before a fracking lorry collides with a convoy of Uranium products bound for Russia on these narrow country lanes?

Its time to put the Hex on Uranium Hexaflouride and Fracking near Blackpool. Both are bad – together they are mad, bad and dangerous.

All donations are valuable but equally valuable is raising awareness on this. Please share share share. Write to your MP and tell him that there has been no research done and that at the very least there should be a halt called to fracking until the impacts are researched into Fracking HGV traffic on these roads already burdened with some of the worlds most dangerous radioactive and chemical cargoes from Springfields Nuclear Fuels.

More info

Roseacre Wood – Letter to the SoS – https://mariannewildart.wordpress.com/2018/05/24/letter-to-the-secretary-of-state-enriched-uranium-and-fracking-lorries-on-the-fylde-what-could-go-wrong/

Springfields, Fracking and Nuclear – https://sciscomedia.co.uk/cuadrilla-springfields-fracking-nuclear/

The Beautiful Game – export of uranium products to Russia from Springfields Nuclear Fuel manufacturing site https://mariannewildart.wordpress.com/2018/06/18/the-beautiful-game-export-of-uranium-products-to-russia-from-preston-is-important-to-the-uk/

Spotlight on Springfields https://issuu.com/wildart/docs/spotlight_on_springfields_-briefing

Export of depleted uranium to Russia from the UK https://www.parliament.uk/edm/2017-19/1087

Uranium Hexaflouride – Hazards/Health http://www.wise-uranium.org/euf6h.html

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