High Risk Targets = Nuclear


There was an excellent article in last weeks Westmorland Gazette from Philip Gilligan of South Lakeland CND.

The letter was sparked by the bomb alert at Barrow’s Nuclear Sub Shipyard.  Philip makes the point (it does keep needing to be made!) that an explosion involving nuclear material would have catastrophic consequences.

There are two videos below – one from the International Committee of the Red Cross and another which was made by the BBC using government advice and data.  The BBC documentary was not broadcast in 1965 as it was considered too alarming for the UK public.  The acting in the 1965 documentary is extraordinary and from non actors.

High Risk.jpg

Video  from the International Committee of the Red Cross ….


The War Game – 1965 BBC

Director Peter Watkins said of his documentary;

… Interwoven among scenes of “reality” were stylized interviews with a series of “establishment figures” – an Anglican Bishop, a nuclear strategist, etc. The outrageous statements by some of these people (including the Bishop) – in favour of nuclear weapons, even nuclear war – were actually based on genuine quotations. Other interviews with a doctor, a psychiatrist, etc. were more sober, and gave details of the effects of nuclear weapons on the human body and mind. In this film I was interested in breaking the illusion of media-produced “reality”. My question was – “Where is ‘reality’? … in the madness of statements by these artificially-lit establishment figures quoting the official doctrine of the day, or in the madness of the staged and fictional scenes from the rest of my film, which presented the consequences of their utterances?”

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