You can help save water, Stop Nuclear.

Radiation Free Lakeland have after much questioning and re-questioning through Freedom of Information gained sight of an internal Sellafield document called : Water Demand Study, Water Demand Investigation dated 14th October 2014 (PDF can be seen here Sellafield Water Use 0224_001).  The document is as usual with the “transparent” and “honest” nuclear industry heavily redacted, nevertheless what we can see is shocking and should be a wake up call to West Cumbrians (and those who rely on Cumbria for freshwater such as Manchester)  whose freshwater supply is already badly compromised because of the nuclear drain.

Nuclear waste is arriving at Sellafield on a regular basis .  Enough is Enough!



  1. Judy jones

    was talking to an engineer who works at sella field today he said moorside very unlikely now …woopee and commented all that were previously working in that area have now withdrawn.. no funding from those who intially were interested……….obviously this isnt written in stone but sounds good. judy


    1. That would be amazing! Government and the nuclear industry are still pressing hard for this to happen so we have to keep up the opposition. The land earmarked for Moorside is so beautiful too and already damaged by Sellafield – we have to save whats left.

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