The Vikings are Back to Close Sellafield!


It’s a long time since the Vikings were making a nuisance of themselves along the beautiful coastline of West Cumbria. Now a group of them are back.  This time they are welcomed with heartfelt thanks from those for whom the nuclear lies are no longer believed.

Neptune Network – The Close Sellafield Mission 2018

The mission has arrived at the north coast, after 11 hours of sailing across the north sea, through caledonian and along the west coast The mission has met a lot of committed people along the way.
Here Skipper Frank-Hugo Storelv is outside Sellafield he speaks about the mission, and why the pressure against Sellafield must be maintained:


The Fraserburgh Herald tells us : The ‘Nora’ is an open-decked wind-powered wooden Norwegian boat which has been sailing along the Norwegian coast for the last three years bringing attention to claims of radioactive discharge from the Sellafield
nuclear plant.

Nora is sailing under the direction of the Neptune Network,
a private foundation established in April 2001 with the aim of stopping the
destruction of environment and nature. The crew arrived in Fraserburgh on
Monday morning after a tough voyage over the North Sea having left Bergen
on June 15. While in port they met up with fellow Norwegian Anders Blix who
lives at Memsie and who kindly took pictures for the Herald. After making
some small repairs and picking up supplies,

Nora left Fraserburgh crewed by skipper Frank-Hugo Storelv along with Øystein Storelv and Roger Jenssen on Tuesday afternoon heading for Inverness. Their plan is to sail through the Caledonian Canal towards their destination at Sellafield to campaign for
the closure of the nuclear plant.

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