Enriching the Future with Uranium? No Thanks!

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Look what was happening this sunday in leafy Cheshire!  Who knew??

The STOP URENCO Declaration was read out by dedicated folk who would hesitate to call themselves Protectors.  That is what they are though in a BIG way.  They made the journey to Capenhurst in Cheshire to remind us all that enough is enough of this nuclear crapola spewing out of the North West.  Uranium (from which all obscenely long lived nuclear nastiness derives, up to and including plutonium)  is poisoning our land, our seas, our rivers and even our DNA all courtesy of the civil, military nuclear industrial complex.   Many thousands of tonnes of uranium products including deadly enriched uranium, nuclear fuel and nuclear wastes travel up and down (and above!) the length and breadth of our country.  These uranium time bombs are ‘unseen’  ‘not on the radar.”  They damn well should be on the radar, our lives and lives of future generations depend on it and depend on those brave souls who continue to protest this nuclear crapola decade after cumulatively poisoned decade.

Uranium is enriched here at Capenhurst as it has been for decades. The enriched uranium is then trucked to Springfields at the end of Preston New Road to make nuclear fuel and other nuclear materials for sale worldwide.  Russia is they say an “important” market.  Capenhurst and Springfields in the North West of the UK are Fuelling nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons and nuclear accidents worldwide.

Enough is Enough.

STOP URENCO Declaration 2018

It is now 40 years after the Stop URENCO Declaration which stated that: –
‘We declare our total and uncompromising opposition to URENCO and in particular to the supply of enriched uranium.’

The Declaration went on to state that: –
‘No safeguards are adequate to prevent the diversion of nuclear material for the production of nuclear weapons.’
While URENCO continues to enrich Uranium and sell it to many countries around the work, we will continue to oppose these sales, much in the same way as we oppose all aspects of the nukiller power industry.

Our immediate concerns are:-
– The URENCO sale of depleted uranium Hexafluoride to Russia.
– The increase of radioactive waste which is a direct result of uranium enrichment.
– How the proposed building on new nukiller reactors will result in the creation of yet more highly radioactive toxic waste.

We continue to declare our opposition to URENCO and the nukiller power industry,
and are prepared to take all non-violent steps necessary to achieve these ends.

Close Capenhurst Campaign
Greenpeace [ London ]
Kick Nuclear
Nuclear Waste Trains Action Group
PAWB People Against ‘Wylfa-B
Radiation Free Lakeland

June 24th 2018

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