Sweet Little Lies at Preston New Road

When George Monbiot professes his nuclear love again, he has already beguiled and bewitched the good folk of Preston New Road who simply won’t believe he means them harm. ‘If George says its ok then why worry”

Sweet Little Lies at Preston New Road

Today George Monbiot honoured an invitation to speak at Preston New Road, the site where folks concerned about the health of this and future generations have been campaigning to stop fracking.  By all accounts George lived up to his reputation as environmental guru and delivered a rousing speech to a rapt audience about hope, community, health and the natural world.

 It was an opportunity for George to promote his new book “Out of the Wreckage.” The Guardian review comments:

” the thrill and danger of a new left politics With neoliberalism in crisis, it’s time to emphasise the importance to people of belonging and co-operation, argues this optimistic call to action”

All good stuff and Monbiot argues that no one would mind paying extra taxes for a good transport system that benefits the commons.  This is unarguable.  Preston New Road (PNR) would have been a good opportunity for Monbiot to point to the one industry, located at the end of that same road, that has retained its social contract, that has always required the public purse being constantly forced wide open and the very last farthings being shaken out.  The nuclear industry cannot survive without public money, it never has and it never will.  In effect the good folk of Preston New Road are paying to be poisoned.  The nuclear industry’s social contract is vicious and nasty and the ongoing damage is intergenerational.  Nuclear is the antithesis of all hope, belonging and co-operation.

But by sweet little lies of omission the good folk of Preston New Road were not told of Monbiot’s hard work in aggressive public relations  for new and more dangerous nuclear fuels to come out of the Springfields Nuclear Fuel plant situated at the end of PNR.  The protestors are spitting distance from Springfields nuclear emergency zone.  There are some signs nearby on the Lancaster Canal giving contradictory advice should canal users hear the Springfields siren:



GO INSIDE, CLOSE ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS AND TUNE INTO THE RADIO FOR ADVICE.  George wants more of this with much more dangerous nuclear fuels.  The continuing nuclear push is taking money from renewables not to mention killing us​.

LEAVE.jpgGo Inside Your Boat.jpg

There you go ….not dangerous at all then.

The last thing the nuclear industry and its supporters want is to alert and alarm good folks into protecting their land from the terrible and longlived cocktail of nuclear wastes going into the River Ribble, Clifton Marsh landfill and the air from the manufacture of nuclear fuel. 

Once that fuel is burnt in reactors the cocktail of radioactive wastes becomes even more dangerous and after going to Sellafield in Cumbria for reprocessing, some of the crapola returns to PNR’s Springfields Nuclear Fuel plant for further processing and further releases to water, river, sea and air.

Here is a sample of the radionuclides going into Clifton Marsh Landfill:

What is in Clifton Marsh Landfill a few miles from Roseacre on PNR

A brave soul dared to question George Monbiot’s invitation to PNR today on twitter.

“Have some of @TheGreenParty invited pro-nuker @GeorgeMonbiot to #PNR? Very disturbing indeed if true #Fracking @GreensNoNukes @CarolineLucas @jonathonporritt @jon_bartley”

This was Monbiot’s reply

“A perfect example of the old adage “the right looks for converts, the left looks for traitors”. Meanwhile, 100 people enjoyed some free speech.”

Well, radioactive wastes respect neither right or left and as for the free speech….

I suspect we will all pay for it unless ….

Here is the website I set up a while back called Arrest Monbiot – his influential and high profile promotion of nuclear is powerfully and nefariously working against humanity and all the land, air and sea.

The invitation extended to George Monbiot at PNR today and the extraordinary outpouring of reverence and love for him is a terrible illustration of how far down the road we are to blind acceptance of the next phase of the nuclear civil military industrial complex.

It all starts at the end of Preston New Road at the Springfields Nuclear Fuel plant.


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