Letter to the Secretary of State – Enriched Uranium and Fracking Lorries on the Fylde- What Could Go Wrong?

Enriched Uranium HGVs and Fracking Lorries - What Could Go Wrong?.jpg

Springfields Nuclear Fuels and their Deadly Nuclear Cargo is on the exact same rural route proposed for fracking HGVs.  What could go wrong? Quite a lot!

Radiation Free Lakeland have written to the Secretary of State, James Brokenshire MP, who will soon make a decision as to whether to allow fracking HGVs on these rural roads with their already too dangerous nuclear cargoes.

Please feel free to use our letter as a template for your own letter to james.brokenshire@communities.gsi.gov.uk

Dear Secretary of State,


Radiation Free Lakeland are writing to you as the final decision lies with you regarding fracking at Roseacre Wood.

Radiation Free Lakeland are very concerned that there has been no account taken of road safety issues regarding the routine nuclear transports to and from the Springfields nuclear fuel site on the proposed Roseacre Wood rural ‘blue route.’  The attached photographs were taken on Thursday 10th May 2018 at 3pm and show open transports of 8 large containers of uranium hexaflouride (enriched uranium) going to Springfields, we assume following enrichment at Capenhurst .  There were also transports of covered HGV’s with what could be nuclear fuel coming out of the site the same afternoon.

Radiation Free Lakeland are a volunteer group concerned with nuclear safety based in Cumbria.  We are painfully aware that the recent public inquiry into fracking HGVs on the Roseacre Wood site failed utterly to take account of the continuing and, if new nuclear build goes ahead, increasing, nuclear cargo in HGVs to and from Springfields Nuclear Fuel site on the Roseacre Wood road. Radiation Free Lakeland made written representation referencing Springfields but there was no comprehensive scrutiny on this issue.  This oversight should be addressed as a matter of urgency.   There are many reasons for this oversight, not least that  NGOs do not want to ‘muddy the waters’ of the fracking campaign with nuclear issues and the nuclear industry does not under any circumstances want to draw attention to Springfields, which is a site key to existing and new nuclear build.  The nuclear industry claims to have a good record on the safe transportation of its deadly nuclear cargo to and from the Springfields Nuclear Fuel site on the Fylde’s rural roads.  This allegedly safe record could be broken by fracking HGVs on the exact same rural ‘blue route.’  A serious accident involving uranium hexaflouride would have far reaching consequences.  We respectfully ask that you consider this and the government plan for increased nuclear transports on this very same rural road to Roseacre Wood, when making your decision.

As well as photographs taken of HGVs outside the Springfields, taken on 10th May at 3pm, we have attached a briefing recently produced by campaigners.  Dr Paul Dorfman has written an introduction : ”

‘Given the very significant radiological risk associated with production at Springfields, and the fact that the major population centre of Liverpool is down-wind, it’s truly astonishing that more attention hasn’t been paid to this facility.  This well-researched document opens the lid on the can of worms that is Springfields’   Dr Paul Dorfman, The Energy Institute, University College, London


yours sincerely,


Marianne Birkby

on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland


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