‘Blair Babe’ Hazel Blears on New Nuclear Gravy Train

Once upon a time there was a babe in the deep dark forest of the Old Labour woods who stepped out into the upland sunshine of New Labour. The Mad King Blair’s “little ray of sunshine”  later fell into disgrace for supping too eagerly of the gravy train and the fall was made so much the worse as this Blair’s Babe was seen (by New Labour) as a champion of the peasant class, a Salford Lass.  The hyper local magazine the Salford Star pulled no punches in its condemnation saying:


The full extent of Hazel Blears’ expenses are revealed today…That’s Hazel Blears, MP for Salford, one of the most deprived areas in Europe. They include £1,000 a month mortgage on a flat in London, £200 on bath towels…hundreds of pounds on a posh hotel, £1,773 on two TVs in less than a year – oh and £8518 in `Communications’…shame she couldn’t afford a stamp to reply to our letter six months ago!”

Hazel Blears finally resigned from the Cabinet in 2009 when further shenanigans on property deals were exposed.

2018 sees Hazel Blears back on top form in Cumbria. The nuclear gravy train beckons.

This article is from the latest InCumbria magazine from the CN group .  It is very scary on many different levels. Not least the assumption that dangerous new nuclear build in Cumbria is a foregone conclusion.  The other side of the same coin are those who promote apathy  saying “it’ll never happen” “we can’t do anything”

  ….we can do something and we need to do something to make sure dangerous new nuclear never happens. 

Hazel Blears and Moorside

‘We can put county on map’ – ex-minister

Former govement minister Hazel Blears has pledged her support for Cumbria at a meeting of the county’s business leaders.

Mrs Blears, who was in Tony Blair’s cabinet, was the keynote speaker at Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster AGM.

Mrs Blears, who moved to Kendal about two years agom said: “Together we can put Cumbria on the map. I hope I can play a small part in helping to create that future.”

Mrs Blears is a non-executive director of Land & Lakes Ltd , owned by Brian Scowcroft.

It plans to create accommodation for the workforce who would build a proposed new nuclear plant at Moorside.

Mrs Blears said: “The traditional approach would be to build a temporary camp to house the workers which would be demolished when they leave, woth no legacy for the community whatsoever.

“Our plan is to build new high-quality homes at Mirehouse. When the workforce has left the homes can be turned into affordable housing.”

She said meetings had taken place with UCLan, the University of Cumbria m the Universitsy of Manchester and the University of Lancaster to work together to also create a higher education campus at the the site.





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