Low Level Radiation and Health Conference – June 23-24th



JUNE 23-24, 2018

The Low Level Radiation and Health Conference was set up in 1985 by members of the public keen to find out more about these issues and so it is now 30+ years since it started. Since its inception, the conference has been organised annually or bi-annually by a different voluntary and the event has rotated to different parts of the UK. It aims to get the latest research presented in an accessible form to members of the public. The programme takes two parts with scientific presentations taking place on Saturday June 23rd. Join us for lunch at 12.30.

International scientific speakers include Prof. Carmel Mothersill who has done much research into the phenomenon of the Bystander effect, ie the cell in the vicinity of a cell traversed by radioactivity shows an impact. Regarding wildlife impacts, she is joined by Prof. Tim Mousseau who is currently carrying out research into the impacts on wildlife from the Chernobyl accident; and, Stanislav Gerask’in about the impacts on pine trees.

As to human health, Dr James Murphy from Sligo will discuss a method for evaluating low-level radiation damage; and, Prof Mariana Alves Pereira has worked with the Chief medical officer for the Portuguese aeronautical industry and she will report on organ damage from exposure to infrasound. Fortunately, we are able to be joined by Mary Olson from the US Nuclear Information and Resource Service, NIRS, who has done much to alert people to the greater risks experienced by women from ionising radioactivity. This session will be filmed by Rik from London.

Whereas the Sunday, June 24th, is devoted to UK campaigning and includes speakers presenting a US update, Mary Olson; John Urquhart who originally identified the leukaemia cluster at Sellafield in 1984; engineer John Busby on Fracking and waste water treatment; Graham Denman on the ARGUS monitoring project; and a discussion about campaigning and what needs doing, Finish with lunch at 1 pm.

Fee; As Low As Reasonably Affordable, ALARP, £25 daily; £30 for both days and £100 for institutions.

Register: jillsutcliffe1@gmail.com or Tel 01403 700395; Accommodation – check out Travelodge, Youth Hostel or AirBnB.

One of the speakers….Professor Tim Mousseau

3 thoughts on “Low Level Radiation and Health Conference – June 23-24th

  1. Attempts again to raise radiation exposure to 100 x or greater international limit (400x US EPA limit). This is a sneaky renaming. The 100 mSv group (SARI) wrote a letter trying to increase in March of 2017. The original letter has the UK’s Wade Alison. Once they increase it in the US, the UK will be up next: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/05/13/usdoe-spent-18-years-and-over-a-quarter-of-a-billion-dollars-but-failed-to-prove-low-level-radiation-is-safe-because-its-not-may-30th-comment-deadline-re-dangerous-trump-pruitt-epa-proposal/

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