Transports of Uranium Hexaflouride on the Same Road as Fracking Lorries – What Could Go Wrong?

Yesterday members of Radiation Free Lakeland went to the Preston New Road fracking site to show support for protestors who have been there rain and shine to oppose Cuadrilla’s plan to frack the Fylde.

Springfields The Scream!

In the afternoon we went to Springfields Nuclear Fuels situated at the end of Preston New Road on the country road to Roseacre Wood.  Fracking campaigners who had not seen for themselves the close proximity of the world’s first Nuclear Fuel site to the frack sites of PNR and Roseacre Wood, were astonished.

The nuclear industry and Cuadrilla have a vested interest in not putting the spotlight on Springfields.  They have a vested interest in not highlighting the thousands of lorryloads of for example uranium hexaflouride arriving at and leaving the plant.  The Springfields site is the spinning spider at the centre of the web of the Government’s new nuclear build and continuing nuclear weapons agenda.  Adding fracking to this toxic brew is obsene and it does the campaign against fracking no favours in keeping quiet about it.  Does the Inspector of the Roseacre Wood inquiry have details of the HGV movements to and from Springfields site – If not why not?  Certainly fracking campaigners have been kept in the dark about it.  If only Radiation Free Lakeland have raised the issue of nuclear cargo on the same route as fracking lorries then something is wrong . The recent public inquiry into fracking at Roseacre Wood should have had Springfields dangerous nuclear and chemical transports at the centre of the inquiry.  As far as we can tell it was barely mentioned in passing.

These photos were taken approx 3pm yesterday at Springfields Main Gate on the Roseacre Wood road and show a massive HGV with 8 canisters of uranium hexaflouride….this is a regular occurance and yet nothing was said about this at the Roseacre Wood inquiry into highway safety.

Uranium Hex may 10th Springfields.jpg

Bears Against Nuclear.jpg

Bears Against Nuclear – “Nuclear + Fracking  = BOOM!”

Radiation Supervised Area Springfields My 10th 18.jpgSpringfields…..jpg

Enriched Uranium by the Barrel Load


This lorry was leaving the site – where to?  It could contain nuclear fuel to be burnt in a dangerous nuclear plant near you – or even to Russia where Springfields still exports nuclear materials (“only” for the Russian civil nuclear programme according to the Office for Nuclear Regulation) !

This is already obscenity and the proximity of frack sites on the Fylde make a very dangerous situation far worse.


Write to your MP and ask the following:

  1. Why was fracking even contemplated on the Fylde when country roads here are already burdened with dangerous nuclear and chemical cargo to and from Springfields?
  2. Has the Roseacre Wood Planning Inspector been given, by the nuclear industry, detailed information on the numbers of transports to and from the Springfields site, day by day and an itinerary of the radioactive and chemical nature of those transports?
  3. Ask your MP to write to the relevant Secretary of State with the questions above. The Secretary of State  will have final say on the outcome of the Roseacre Wood Inquiry.  This issue also applies to PNR as the transports travel along Preston New Road as well as the Roseacre Wood road.

SEND YOUR MP this recent briefing on Springfields which lays bare the reasons why fracking lorries should not add to the already dangerous cargo on the Fylde’s roads  (a limited number of paper copies are available contact rafl @ )

PDF can be downloaded here    SPOTLIGHT ON SPRINGFIELDS -Briefing by KN, CCc, RaFL and NTAG 30.4.18(1)


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