This Thursday Radiation Free Lakeland will be at PNR – and then onto the front line of the civil military nuclear industry a stones throw away @SPRINGFIELDS

Images:  Springfields makes all the UKs nuclear fuel (and overseas too) / Nukiller Waste is Too Much to Bear /  Containers of Uranium Hexaflouride stacked up at the Springfields site (Springfields is on the same narrow country road proposed for fracking vehicles to Roseacre wood)


Thursday 10th May  (for possible transport please contact me on

Please do Join Us in Opposing Fracking and Its Close Proximity to NUKILLER.  Our land, water and health are under attack from more than the frack,  nuclear and fracking together...Boom…what a combination!

Solidarity with PNR from Radiation Free Lakeland from 12 noon

We are looking forward to supporting fracking activists on the front line at PNR.

Radiation Free Lakeland will then go on to the front line of the civil military nuclear industry which is just over five miles from PNR and just 3 miles from Roseacre wood.  All protectors of our land and water are invited to join us.

Below are some ideas for what we will be doing

(this may change dependent on the day!!)

ACTIONS for PNR 12 – 2pm


Decorating Bunting with Sharpie Pens With Messages for Springfields on the theme: Nuclear and Fracking – What Could Go Wrong?  Later in the day we will wrap the bunting around the Springfields sign outside the gates of the worlds first nuclear fuel manufacturing plant.



In a Nukiller Lottery the Govnt is planning to hand out £Millions. All you need to do is say Yes to High Level Nuclear Waste under YOUR Home! Tell Govnt that you do not want to be a part of this dangerous Nukiller Lottery – Put your postcode on a Big Postcard to Govnt to Demand GDF FREE ZONES.  Geological Dumping of Nuclear Wastes is NO Solution!!   Making New Nuclear Waste while having nowhere to put the existing high level wastes is obscene.  (Low Level and Intermediate Level wastes are being increasing “diluted and dispersed”  into the environment)


  1. Take a Bear Against Nuclear Dumping to Springfields (Bears provided but feel free to bring your own!) Our bears will have placards that you can write a message/decorate.  We will place them in a vigil outside the gates of Springfields
  2. We will light a candle to remember ongoing nuclear crimes. Springfields made the fuel for the worlds first nuclear plant disaster at Windscale and has continued to make ever more dangerous fuel and nuclear materials for 70 years.  Enough is Enough.


More info:

At the End of Preston New Road is the Worlds First Nuclear Fuel Plant. Springfields at the village of Salwick started life as a Chemical Weapons plant manufacturing Mustard Gas. 70 years ago it became the worlds first nuclear fuel manufacturing plant whose purpose was to produce the nuclear fuel which when burnt and processed provides the material needed for nuclear bombs….plutonium.

Plutonium is ‘recovered’ from nuclear fuel once it has been burnt in reactors. The spent fuel is sent by train through towns and villages to Sellafield. Plutonium is stripped out of spent nuclear fuel using vast quantities of nitric acid and other chemicals, this ‘reprocessing’ increases the radioactive wastes x 180 times.   Nuclear dumping in barrels was banned but dumping wastes straight out to sea via a big pipe line from Sellafield still happens on a daily basis. The Irish Sea bed is being used as a radioactive waste dump and the wastes are still accumulating. Not all the wastes can be flushed out to sea and there are enormous amounts of radioactive wastes at Sellafield, Government are looking to get shot of this waste in order to make more wastes from new and more dangerous nuclear reacrors, The plan is to bury intermediate and high level wastes in one or more vast deep holes at least 25km square and 1000 metres deep. This is called ‘Geological Disposal’  This hot nuclear waste cavern or caverns could even be under or near your house if your community is prepared to be bribed with millions of pounds to be the ‘host community’.

Springfields has sent nuclear materials, including uranium hexaflouride which can be used for bombs,  to countries around the world including Russia.  Springfields is now gearing up to make the nuclear fuel for new nuclear reactors at

  • Sellafield    – Fuel made at Springfields


  • Wylfa        – Fuel made at Springfields


  • Sizewell   – Fuel made at Springfields


  • Bradwell   – Fuel made at Springfields


  • Oldbury  – Fuel made at Springfields


  • Hartlepool – Fuel made at Springfields


  • Heysham – Fuel made at Springfields

The waste from the proposed “high burn”nuclear fuel would be far hotter than from existing wastes.  In order for new nuclear build to take place the government needs to bury and “solve” the problem of existing wastes even though scientists have said that no matter how deep wastes are buried they would inevitably pollute groundwaters and turn our homes into radioactive wastelands.

The electricity produced by the worlds first nuclear power station in Cumbria was a smoke screen …the real purpose was plutonium. The later development of smaller and more power nuclear weapons requires Tritium which is also produced in nuclear reactors. Unlike Plutonium, Tritium has a fairly short life and needs to be requently replaced. Nuclear bomb production requires a vast complex network of facilities – enrichment and nuclear fuel manufacturing, nuclear power stations, reprocessing plant, transport, waste storage and nuclear engineering. In the UK this has been blurred and integrated with into the so called civil nuclear infrastructure. This helps maintain a shared pool of skilled scientists and technicians for the military. Springfields in Preston has contracts with the MOD. This helps hide the true cost of nuclear weapons and means that electricity consumers of nuclear electricity end up paying more than they bargained for.

Depleted Uranium is a byproduct supplied free to the military to make tank and bunker busting radioactive munitions . Its use has left a toxic and mutagenic legacy in recent battle zones. Sumarines carrying Trident missiles are nuclear powered, at the end of their lives the reactors are nuclear wastes. The wastes stockpiled at Sellafield include heat generating radioactive wastes which need to be isolated from the biosphere for millions of years   The government is looking for Communities who would be willing to have this waste under their area.


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