Is YOUR Community Willing to Accept Chemical and Radioactive Pollution from Nuclear Wastes?

IS THE LAKE DISTRICT REALLY THE BEST PLACE TO TURN INTO A RADIOACTIVE WASTELAND (this was the only national newspaper article to give a real voice to those opposed to the GDF the last time round –  it was in the Sunday Post)

Is your community willing to accept chemical and radioactive pollution from nuclear wastes?

If not then write and tell the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy – BEIS.

Boycott their dodgy CONsultation : “Working with Communities; Implementing Geological Disposal”

Tell them that you are boycotting their CONsultation,  that you are not “willing” to “Implement Geological Disposal”  and that your area is not “willing” to have heat generating nuclear wastes percolating to the surface and polluting groundwaters.

Following the refusal of Cumbria County Council in 2013 to support continuing “steps towards geological disposal” of heat generating high level and intermediate level nuclear wastes underneath Cumbria, the government is hell bent on continuing its war of attrition in “implementing a Geological Disposal Facility.” In order to continue the on-going new nuclear reactor program the government needs to be seen to have a “final solution” for the waste. The latest research shows that geological disposal of nuclear wastes would pollute groundwater’s with radionuclides sooner rather than later.

To facilitate the GDF plan, the law was undemocratically changed in 2015, adding geological disposal of radioactive wastes to the list of ‘Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects’ (NSIPs). Or as we see it in Cumbria, wiping out democracy to dump nuclear waste.

The latest phase of this war of attrition in the “final” dumping of nuclear wastes, which need to be kept from the biosphere for eternity, is a CONsultation entitled “Working with Communities.”

Radiation Free Lakeland have responded to numerous previous consultations on geological dumping with nuanced and detailed responses. Our responses to consultations have been wilfully misrepresented and put into “trending themes” which only serve to continue the government’s pro dumping agenda.

We are boycotting this latest consultation but will instead reiterate our vehement opposition to geological dumping of nuclear waste, in Cumbria or anywhere else. We call upon others to boycott this consultation and instead urge individuals, groups, Parish Councils, District and County Councils to write to BEIS, your MP and the press with a statement of opposition to your area being sacrificed as a geological dumping ground or a transit route for nuclear wastes.

The consultation “Working with Communities” is based on the premise that a community is willing to have a GDF in their area. This is nonsense and it is obvious to all that the criteria for a “Willing Community” is

  1. A community that has already been irreparably damaged by the nuclear industry
  2. Longstanding deprivation, poor quality of health and desperate for government funding at any price
  3. An area that is already in hoc to nuclear largesse.


This profile fits areas of West Cumbria who are already under the nuclear yoke but even this nuclear tolerant and deprived community has said a vehement no to the geological dumping of nuclear wastes, not once or twice but several times now.


How many times do we have to say no to the Geological Dumping of Nuclear wastes?


Please write to BEIS and state your opposition to having heat generating nuclear wastes:

  • under your home
  • under your area
  • going past your front door.


This is a war the government must not win for all our sakes. Heat generating nuclear wastes should not be interred deep underground where they will percolate to the surface and poison us all into eternity.

Dr Rachel Western pointed out to Leader of Cumbria County Council Eddie Martin in 2013:

“The nuclear industry concede that a nuclear burial site would definitely leak radioactive atoms that would get back up to the surface and into people’s drinking water and food – and so put them at risk of cancer. The numbers involved are mind blowing – for example: when the nuclear industry tested their leak rate calculations at a Uranium mine in Brazil, they underestimated the leak rate by 200 million.”

Ethicist Kate Rawles inadvertently hits the nail on the head in the NIREX (a previous nuclear waste government quango)  paper of 2000: ‘Ethical Issues in the Disposal of Radioactive Wastes‘: “The judgment about geology rests on the values put on human life and health. If human health were not valued, the geological criteria would not be the same.”

Radiation Free Lakeland have come to understand that where the nuclear industry is concerned human health is of necessity a long way down the list of priorities.  The waste from the proposed new nuclear reactors (whose fuel is proposed to be made at Springfields in Preston) would be far hotter than from existing wastes.   Scotland’s Parliament has said NO to the deep geological dumping of nuclear wastes, now it is way past time for our Parliament to do likewise.



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