World Heritage Sham

World Nuclear Heritage Site.jpg

World Heritage Sham.jpg

Today the Prince of Wales unveiled a plaque in Keswick to celebrate the Lake District being awarded World Heritage Site status.

Campaigners from Radiation Free Lakeland were at the event, dressed in a barrel of nuclear waste, as Prince Charles arrived.

Radiation Free Lakeland have said: “World Heritage Site status for the Lake District is a complete fraud while the same authorities who have agitated for WHS are also agitating for new nuclear reactors on the flood plain of the river Ehen and a geological nuclear dump for heat generating radioactive wastes under Lakeland.  The terrible plan for a deep coal mine, under the Irish Sea which holds Lakeland in its arms, is also being welcomed by many of those tasked with protecting Cumbria.  While these plans are ongoing with no opposition from World Heritage Status movers and shakers the Lake District is looking to become the World Nuclear Heritage Site.”

Campaigners handed out hundreds of leaflets to those attending the event asking that the Lake District is protected from the triple whammy of:

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