Trust Me, I am an Expert (Official Reassuring Expert!)


A Poem that speaks true by Phil Knight


Who says cigarettes are bad for you?
What utter RUBBISH!
They clear the chest of phlegm
And they settle the nerves
Trust me I am an Expert.

Asbestosis? There is no such thing!
Asbestos is all that stands
Between you and fiery death.
Trust me I am a Health and Safety Inspector.

Lead in petrol dangerous?
What tommy rot!
Those tree huggers are bonkers!
They would put travel costs through the roof.
Trust me I am a Chemical Engineer.

There is nothing wrong with British beef.
So don’t you worry about any “Mad Cows”.
I feed my kids British beef.
All the time and so should you.
Trust me I am the Minister of Agriculture.

Nuclear Power unsafe?
That’s alarmist nonsense
Chernobyl could not happen here.
If you want a carbon-free future
Nuclear Power is your only alternative.
Trust me I am a Ecologist.

There is no problem with dumping
Radioactive mud in Cardiff Bay
And let us store the Nation’s Radioactive waste
In Wales for the next 250,000 years.
Nothing can go wrong and it will create JOBS!
Trust me I am a member of the Welsh Assembly.

Global warming is a myth,
Climate change is natural,
It is nothing to do with so called “Greenhouse gases”.
After all it’s been warmer
And colder in the planet’s past.
Trust me I am a University Professor.

We are the Experts
We are independent,
We have no axe to grind
And you trust us ….
Don’t you?

Phil Knight
(Published in “Carillon” and my poetry collection ‘You Are Welcome To Wales)

2 thoughts on “Trust Me, I am an Expert (Official Reassuring Expert!)

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