Sellafield Sponsors Cumbria Day -Leaving a Nasty Taste in the Mouth?

The Evening Mail excitedly tells us  that

“The best Cumbria has to offer will be showcased in Parliament (today) as leading businesses set out their stall. Cumbria Day – now in its third year – is hosted by the county’s six MPs as they put their political differences aside for the good of the area. A total of 15 companies and organisations have been invited to the event by their local MP so they can demonstrate the important part their business plays in the economy of Cumbria.  The event is sponsored by Sellafield Ltd and Taste Cumbria.

So at the same time as Sellafield has public money to spend in sponsoring Cumbria Day, the Sellafield Firefighters are out on strike over an ongoing pay row.

Sellafield has already tainted so much of our land and sea. It also has the awful potential to radioactively poison our agriculture and freshwater into eternity.  Not only in Cumbria but also the agricultural and marine life of our overseas neighbours.

The following pages are from “HOT” a book in an ongoing comic book series called The Wastwater Chronicles.   We can guarantee that HOT will never be featured in an exhibition sponsored by Sellafield.  The nuclear industry should be investing our money in actually protecting Cumbrian agriculture and fresh water.  To do this they need to  stop promoting new nuclear build and start to actually CONTAIN existing nuclear waste instead of dumping it (sorry “decommissioning”) to our rivers, lakes, air, landfill and sea. There are ever novel and devious ways to dump (sorry “decommission” nuclear) with radioactive metal “recycling” even the knives and forks we eat our food with may be tainted.   Cumbria Day Indeed!





2 thoughts on “Sellafield Sponsors Cumbria Day -Leaving a Nasty Taste in the Mouth?

  1. A friend of ours died of Myeloma of the bone marrow back in (c) 1989. He used to play golf up there and I’ve always wondered whether that was why he contracted the disease, especially after I read in one of the Greenpeace UK papers that there was a link between plutonium and Myeloma….

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