Forget Our Green and Pleasant Land – this Nuclear Hell Hole is Coming Your Way..Unless We Rise Up from the Monbiot Induced Nuclear Apathy

The devastation  awaiting the river Ehen and the tiny village of Beckermet in West Cumbria has been graphically demonstrated courtesy of an EDF drone over Hinkley Point C in Somerset.   George Monbiot the Guardian’s much hyped environmentalist has told Cumbria that the most dangerous thing we have to worry about it the sheep. He is WRONG, big time and this video footage showing the vicious carnage at Hinkley (where there were badgers, veteran trees, hedgerows, rolling fields and more)  demonstrates just the tip of the nuclear iceberg.


Pete Wilkinson of Together Against Sizewell C (where another nuclear monstrosity is planned in Suffolk) says ”  The (Hinkley) footage shows clearly that Sizewell C is not something just happening ‘at Sizewell’, and neither will the effects be avoided by the creation of a relief road or a by-pass. It shows, on the contrary, what a massive, life-changing, countryside-destroying intrusion into the lives of thousands of Suffolk residents Sizewell C will bring, creating a fundamental shift towards industrialisation of a rural area which supports a highly lucrative tourist industry.”

This applies equally to the greenfields, floodplain and marine life of the rather beautiful and ancient land next to Sellafield which is now being called “Moorside” by the nuclear industry (actually it is a massive area of several farms and semi-ancient woodland, one of which is Greenmoorside Farm, there are designations for this special land and river but the nuclear industry overrides these).   I was speaking to a young couple who were holidaying in a Lakeland Cottage in the pretty village of Beckermet.  They were horrified that three new  nuclear reactors were being planned just 700 metres from the village school.  They were unaware also that the Lakeland cottage they were staying in was so near Sellafield.  (the original Lake District pre National Park designation included the Sellafield area).  Sadly everywhere in the Lake District is way too close to Sellafield but the thought of new reactors increasing all the known (and unknown) risks is terrifying.  There is a petition to Stop Moorside –

Radiation Free Lakeland join with other groups to urge the public to Please  join the fight against New Nuclear. Write to your MP,  to your elected local officials and to every newspaper and journal to express refusal to submit our treasured countryside to the tyranny of the nuclear industry’s bulldozers.  Please join the fight to make sure that the  culture and the very soul of Cumbria is not morphed into a Nuclear Sacrifce Zone.

George Monbiot tells us Cumbrians that sheep are the most dangerous thing for Cumbria.  What utter nonsense!  The Nuclear Juggernaught would crush all in its path including the grazing animals which have been on the green fertile land between the mountains and the sea long before man settled here.



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