John Woodcock MP has announced that he wants the public to pay for a new cancer factory in Cumbria.  The money to pay for new reactors on greenfields (being called Moorside) near Sellafield ‘should come out of the public purse’ he says.  As the situation stands with China and South Korea in the running for a finger in the UKs nuclear poison pie, the public would be handing over money to state owned companies.  This is outrageous but it is not the most outrageous thing about new nuclear build.  There is not enough freshwater in Cumbria right now for the existing wastes with the public having to make do with borehole water while Sellafield abstracts top quality water from Wastwater, the river Ehen and elsewhere.  Where on this precious earth does John Woodcock think the top quality water required to cool the Moorside wastes for  many decades would come from?  The wastes from Moorside would be from “high burn” fuel made in Springfields, Preston.  This high burn nuclear fuel would be hammered in the reactors for longer than existing nuclear fuel and the result would be spent fuel that is far hotter than existing wastes.  What is wrong with these politicians who put the nuclear industry before public safety?  The finance is scandalous -the rest is beyond scandalous.  Many of these reports off the back off John Woodcock’s “call” are spreading misinformation once again about how much electricity Moorside would produce saying that the plant would produce 7% of the UKs energy is a big fat lie… it would be a tiny fraction of that.   As exposed by Radiation Free Lakeland previously “The nuclear fairy story told us during the first stage of the NuGen CONsultation was that Moorside would produce 7% of the UKs energy.  This was of course a big fat lie (amongst others) used to big up the importance of the Moorside project x 3.5.  Now DECC have admitted as much saying the lie was “regrettable.”  Mmm. So a lie promoting the most dangerous untried and untested (literally) reactors next to the most dangerous stockpile of radioactive waste in the world is “regrettable”  …..now that is the stuff of fairy tales.   The wolf in red riding hood had nothing on NuGen!”

The wolf continues to lie, lie, lie and lie again, anything goes it seems in order to promote the nuclear nightmare.

There is a petition to Stop Moorside here


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