60th Anniversary of the Windscale Fire


This year on the 10th October it will be 60 years since the UK’s first nuclear disaster.  Radiation Free Lakeland, Close Capenhurst, Stop Hinkley, Kick Nuclear, Stop Wylfa, South West Against Nuclear, Nuclear Trains Action Group and many others will be remembering the disaster and working to ensure there is no repeat.

This is advance notice of just some of the events taking place to remember the Windscale Fire of 10th October 1957.

9th October 1pm: Banner Making Event at Maple Farm with opportunity to hear from nuclear activists about Preston’s key role in fuelling the Windscale Fire in Pile 1.

9th October 3.30 pm Vigil at Springfields (with freshly minted banners!) outside the UKs nuclear fuel manufacturing plant just 5.5 miles from PNR fracking site.

10th October 11am in Keswick Town Centre. Vigil to remember the Windscale Fire and the unnamed children and adults who have died (and are dying) of radiation linked diseases as a result .

10th October approx. 2pm Laying an Autumn Wreath on the Windscale Fire Memorial Plaque outside Sellafield

10th October approx. 3pm meet at St Bridgets Church, Beckermet – site visit to view the proposed Moorside plan within the shadow of the still too dangerous to ‘decommission’ Windscale Pile 1 chimney.




The inquiry into the Windscale Fire has just been made publicly available online and can be downloaded in PDF format here



The images are taken from [PDF]Windscale Piles Decommissioning Project

https://energy.gov/sites/…/WAGR%20Brookhaven%20Pile%201%20presentation.pdf  Pile 1 safety issues for decommissioning. • ~15 te fuel still present. • Possible core voidage post ’57 fire – seismic collapse is Design Basis Accident under C&M.





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