Following the “Embrace Nuclear” Podium Piece (of work) in the Westmorland Gazette ….

For the last two weeks there have been excellent letters in the Westmorland Gazette rebutting the pronuclear claims by Dr Kent Brooks in his Podium

Here is just one of them…..

Nuclear is Not the Best Option

by Linda Walker MBE, Executive Director of Chernobyl Children’s Project UK.

It is hard to know where to begin in responding to the Podium headlined ‘Cast aside your fear and embrace nuclear energy’ (Gazette July 13th).

Dr Brooks states that there was no risk to the population after the accidents at Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Since the Fukushima disaster in 2011, 99 children have developed thyroid cancer and been operated on to remove their thyroid glands.  In Britain this disease is extremely rare in children – around one case per million children. 300,000 children were examined near to Fukushima and almost a hundred of them had thyroid cancer!

It was thyroid cancer which was the first disease to  emerge in children after Chernobyl and many thousands of children developed the disease as a result of ingesting radioactive iodine.

Initially  there were many who tried to ascribe the health issues in Belarus to ‘radiophobia’ as Dr Brooks has done.  But this cruel dismissal of the genuine fears of parents was soon shown to be wholly unjustified.

There have been many other health problems in the population in Belarus, the country worst affected by Chernobyl, rises in many other types of cancer, heart disorders, bone diseases, cataracts, blood diseases in children which are usually only seen in the elderly, diabetes and many children born with disabilities and genetic defects.

Today, many of those who were young children at the time of the accident have children of their own.

Babies are being born with leukaemia or other cancers, or with genetic disorders.

As the director of a Chernobyl charity, I meet many of the young mums in the cancer hospital, and we invite them out for recuperation in the UK with their child if their treatment  is successful.

And we have a hospice team who support families at home, many of whom have babies born with genetic disorders,

Not all will be as a result of Chernobyl but undoubtedly many of them are.

When you  add to this the huge cost of building nuclear power stations, the long delays in getting them completed , the terrifying target they make for terrorist attack and the difficulties of dealing with the waste, it is hard to see why anyone would pursue a nuclear future, instead of investing in clean, safe, renewables and conservation.

27th July 2017




2 thoughts on “Following the “Embrace Nuclear” Podium Piece (of work) in the Westmorland Gazette ….

  1. Don & Irene Sanderson

    Thank you for giving this lucid rebuttal to the argument that nuclear makes a clean fuel for our future. Safety levels for exposure to radioactivity continually have had to be revised downwards and further downwards over the years…

  2. The fuel for all the UKs reactors and many reactors overseas (including uranium Hexaflouride going to Russia) was made in Springfields, Preston. Springfields has also fuelled nuclear weapons and still carries out contracts for the MOD. It is five miles from the Preston New Road frack site but operates well under the radar of the publics consciousness ….and that is no accident.

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