Nuclear Power Farts Rainbows -Official!


This isn’t a spoof, wish it was it would be the best ever.

Remember back in 2015 when the then Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd, said: “new nuclear power stations must be designed to look beautiful to garner essential public support”

This is the result of that blue sky thinking.

“A new proposal could lead to a nuclear power plant in the UK that literally shoots rainbows into the sky.

UK-based master planning firm, One Creative Environments, submitted a landscape design proposal for Cumbria’s Moorside Power Plant that is equipped with two large glass towers that would use light and mist to create a continual arching rainbow over the site.”

A creative design competition, sponsored by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Landscape Institute, called on designers to submit creative landscape proposals for the project. One Creative Environments’ rainbow pitch, called Discovery Park, was shortlisted along with four other design firms.

This is stunning and vile propaganda enlisting trusted names such as the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Landscape Institute. The obvious aim is to to give kudos and prestige to the increasingly desperate to impress nuclear industry. The question is have the  RIBA and the Landscape Institute have been hoodwinked into aiding and abetting the most dangerous plan for new nuclear build in Europe. Or are they unwitting collaborators in Operation Rainbow-Wash?  (you’ve heard of Whitewash and Greenwash?  Rainbow-Wash is especially for use by the nuclear mafia)

Radiation Free Lakeland will be sending the RIBA, the Landscape Institute and the ‘winning’ designers a copy of a new report into the Environmental Impacts of Moorside written by the Edinburgh Energy and Environment Consultancy.

The report contains findings including over 200 deaths,using official figures, from routine operation of the proposed AP1000 nuclear reactors in Cumbria. The “high burn” fuel would be made by Westinghouse at Springfields, Salwick, Preston.

The report, written by Pete Roche contains shocking findings of which the general public and our European neighbours have been kept in the dark.

Recently the UK government was censured for failing to consult the Germans over Hinkley, the same applies to Moorside with plutonium knobs on.

The proposed Moorside reactors in Cumbria would use “high burn” fuel made at Toshiba Westinghouse’s Springfields nuclear fuel manufacturing plant near Preston.

Incredibly the spent fuel arisings would amount to 85% of the radioactivity contained in all existing legacy wastes from the UK’s nuclear power industry. This almost doubles the UKs radioactive footprint.

The honourable thing for the ‘winning’ landscape designers to do would be to hand back their award and to not be a party to the continuing nuclear juggernaught. The nuclear industry is literally killing us and polluting our sea and sky with nuclear wastes and nuclear skyshine while masquerading as green and clean.


****TAKE ACTION:  Contact the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Landscape Institute and ask if they are endorsing the safety of the AP1000 reactors ( Titanic comes to mind)

Contact the winner of the design competition and ask them if they are endorsing the safety of the AP1000 reactors****



More on the Winning Design gushingly described in ‘Inhabit’ and other media.

The UK’s newest nuclear power plant could literally shoot rainbows into the sky

The company’s submission envisions a master landscaping plan that would seek to integrate the power plant into the area without sacrificing the existing landscape’s beauty. The proposal calls for using 13 million cubic meters of excavated earth to form a green-covered hillscape, which would be sculpted into various earthworks shaped into representations of splitting the atom, energy and particle trails. An outdoor science park would house educational activities and science exhibitions, and a large, open-air amphitheater would host concerts throughout the year.

However, the cherry on top of the design is clearly the massive man-made rainbow that would arch over the landscape. Two large glass prismatic towers would be placed on opposite sides of the project and would use light and mist to create a continual rainbow. An onsite plant nursery would produce “floristically-rich grassland habitats” that would echo the colors of the rainbow on the ground. According to the designers, the rainbow installation was inspired by a William Wordsworth poem remarking on the beauty of Cumbria, “My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky”.

One Creative Environments director, Mark Martin, hails the company’s design as a feasible option that would be able to incorporate the power plant into the area without sacrificing its rural landscape. “To see our landscape designs in the top five is an achievement in itself, and going by the comments received, we appear to have caught the imagination of the public,” he said. “The landscape designs, discovery centre and rainbow installation will create a destination in their own right, helping the power station blend in with the stunning scenery in the region, whilst providing a place for people to visit and learn about NuGen’s advancement of safe nuclear science and power.”


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