Don’t Take the ‘A’ Train – Demo at DRS, Carlisle Open Day


DRS SPin.jpg
DRS set up to carry nuclear waste – hiding their true colours and intent  behind some nasty spin.


The next DRS [ Direct Rail Services ] open day event will talk place at Carlisle on Saturday July 22nd.

This year activists from the Close Capenhurst Campaign & Radiation Free Lakeland will be joining together to leaflet at the event.

This is the 4th year running that DRS will have been leafleted about the radioactive waste flasks which they transport to Sellafield.

The leafleting session will take place between 10.00. & 15.00hrs outside the Kingmoor Depot, Carlisle.

We would welcome more activists to join us on the day.  DRS promote this as a fun family day out, complete with giant teddy bear and charity events.   The reality is the transport through cities towns and villages of  dangerous irradiated nuclear wastes from nuclear power stations.

Don’t Take the ‘A’ Train

Nuclear Safety campaigners from Radiation Free Lakeland and Close Capenhurst Campaign will be holding a demonstration and leafletting session outside the Direct Rail Services Open Day at the Kingmoor Depot, Carlisle this Saturday -10am -3.00pm.  They ask that people join them in saying “Don’t take the ‘A’ Train”

Trains pulling containers of highly-radioactive nuclear fuel rods (“Nuclear Trains”) regularly go through our Cumbrian towns and villages.

 These waste trains carrying spent fuel are operated by DRS, [Direct Rail Services owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) which transports this highly radioactive waste through some of most highly populated area in the UK, as well as some of the most rural.


Instead of being contained on the original nuclear sites of production the waste is taken to Sellafield where it is reprocessed. Reprocessing is intended to harvest the plutonium and uranium from spent fuel. But it increases the waste volume many times over with 8 million litres of radioactive waste discharged into the Irish Sea every day. Only a tiny fraction of plutonium and uranium has ever been used.

Nuclear trains are the most dangerous cargoes carried on our railways, although this is not made apparent on the DRS website.  The nuclear trains website banner shows a glamourous model wearing a T shirt “Keep Calm and Carry Freight” this is tasteless at best and vicious and nasty at worst given that women and children are those most at risk from the continual leakage from these flasks.

The flasks (even when empty) continually leak low-level radiation, and any increase in radiation levels in the environment means an increase in risk of radiation-linked diseases such as thyroid cancer and leukaemia. Women, young children and babies are most at risk.

As a result of a serious accident or terrorist attack the flasks could break open, releasing highly-radioactive material that would blow for miles in the wind and kill thousands of people.

For more information about the trains also see the

Nuclear Waste Trains Action Group website

Women and Children First!


Also see: –











6 thoughts on “Don’t Take the ‘A’ Train – Demo at DRS, Carlisle Open Day

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  2. OneCumbrian

    What a load of rubbish

    Direct Rail Services open their doors every year, to raise money for the many local charities they support in Cumbria – but you ignore that, and stand at the gates like morons with your bright yellow pop-up bin handing out leaflets that get put in the bin and laughed at by the many railway enthusiasts/locals that have come for a fun day out

  3. TractorClag

    A couple of things:
    The picture at the top shows a train with 6 flask wagons. These will be emptys, as it would need about 4 locos to haul that if they were loaded, because the flasks are practically SOLID STEEL, and DONT LEAK. Go watch the train crash video of a flask, then start moaning about the pollution from taxis instead.

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