Man Made Earthquakes in Cumbria?

Do we want to risk man made seismic activity close to Sellafield?  Please write to Cumbria County Council before July 10th and make your voice heard in opposition to the first coal mine in the UK for 30 years…near to….Sellafield!!!

“The majority of the anthropogenic related earthquakes were caused by coal mining and the decline in their numbers from the 1980s to the 2000s was concurrent with a decline in UK coal production.”

Email the Leader of Cumbria County Council before 10th July 


I am writing to strongly oppose the plan to open a new coking (metallurgical) coal mine off St Bees in West Cumbria, it is way too near Sellafield and flies in the face of Cumbria County Council’s remit to protect the health and safety of Cumbria (and our neighbours).

Anthropogenic earthquakes in the UK: A national baseline prior to shale exploitation Wilson et. al. Marine and Petroleum Geology 68 (2015) Appendix A. Supplementary data Table 2. Subdivision of 1769 onshore events with ML ≥ 1.5 into natural (green), anthropogenic (coal mining – red, fracking – orange, geothermal – pale blue, potash mining – dark blue) and […]

via Anthropogenic Earthquakes in the UK — Mining Awareness


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