Flying Dodo Award to Mike Berners Lee

An encounter in 2013 with Mike Berners Lee who promotes nuclear to prevent the burning of fossil fuel. However in 2017 none of those nuclear loving, and supposedly coal hating gurus, from Berners -Lee to Monbiot are opposing the plan to open a new coal mine here in Cumbria. The coal mine would be a stones throw from the nuclear industry’s mountain of radioactive wastes at Sellafield. Why the silence from these ‘environmentalists.’ who have previously sneered at antinuclear campaigners? Why are antinuclear campaigners now the only ones voicing opposition to a new coal mine in Cumbria.?

Snow Leopard painting - Marianne Birkby- Flying Dodo Award -  Mike Berners-Lee – Flying Dodo Award –
Mike Berners-Lee

A strange day yesterday and a spur of the moment action. I spent the day at Rydal working on a painting of Snow Leopards, the big cats who are under all kinds of threats not least loss of habitat from mining including uranium mining by the Chinese in Tibet. I wasn’t going to go to the talk in Kendal that evening as having previously read Mike Berners Lee’s book “The Burning Question” promoting nuclear as a solution to climate change I felt that I would want to say something and didn’t have the energy to go up against the “Carbon Guru.” I knew he would be surrounded by acolytes ( wish I had some of those) and right on Guardian readers. I read the Guardian too – but I also don’t mind being seen reading the Daily Mail, the Mirror, the Sun and…

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