No Need for Nuclear – the Renewables are Here! CND Conference

The biggest anti nuclear conference in the UK in 30 years is happening this weekend in London. Fantastic line up of speakers!!

No Need for Nuclear - CNDCND are actively opposing Nuclear Power.  We hope that as is happening in China,South Korea, Germany,France and elsewhere,  the UK’s NGOs and citizen groups will  join CND and others in the UK’s tenacious Nuclear Resistance.

Report from Cumbria and Lancashire Area Group reproduced with permission:

The Cumbria and Lancashire Area is comprised of just three local CND affiliated groups. The Lancaster and District group sits close to the Heysham nuclear power stations, the North Cumbria group sits close to Sellafield and the East Lancashire group is the nearest group to Springfields Nuclear Factory so we are particularly concerned about developments in the nuclear power industry. Resolution 7 “Nuclear Power” was carried overwhelmingly at CND AGM 2016.

This report has been prepared by Irene Sanderson of North Cumbria CND. I submit it to CND National Council, particularly for the information of those who are taking forward part…

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