Fukushima Farmers Struggle

What is a farmer to do if their land is irreversibly polluted? The UKs “leading environmentalist” George Monbiot has said that the worst threats to the Lake District are from farming and from World Heritage Status. The nuclear industry could turn Cumbria into a radioactive wasteland but instead of trying to prevent that, George wants ever more nuclear reactors to be built next to Sellafields poisonous cauldron and he wants ever more wastes to arrive in Cumbria from new build elsewhere.. George is no fool so we must assume he has a nefarious agenda. He hasn’t spoken out against the coal mine planned just five miles from Sellafield either..why is that?? It would be the first coal mine in England in 30 years, why now? Why so near to Sellafield?

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

The technology to fully decontaminate a contaminated land has not yet been invented. Despite of all their efforts and hopes, those farmers’ struggle is just beginning and will last for ages…

Capture du 2017-06-10 21-04-03.png

Farmers in Fukushima are struggling to revive their livelihoods. The 2011 nuclear accident and subsequent evacuation devastated farms — the area’s main source of jobs.

Some areas, like the village of Iitate, have lifted most of their evacuation orders. But getting back to normal is taking some time.

More than 200 farmers used to raise cows in this region. But 2 months after authorities lifted their evacuation order, few farmers have tried to return to raising animals.

Six cows were released into a paddy field to graze. It’s a step to revive the farm work that was widely seen in Iitate village.

One farmer is using his cows as an experiment that could bring hope to others.

After the…

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