Coal: Cumbria Tops Trump


This time last week a planning application was delivered to Cumbria County Council’s Kendal offices for the first coal mine in England for 30 years. The following day there was universal condemnation of  Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.  In contrast to the vehement condemnation of Trump’s support for coal,  there  has been universal APPROVAL in Cumbria and elsewhere for the plan for first coal mine to open in England for 30 years.  Confused?  It gets worse!

As you can see from the map the distance from Sellafield to the “planned’ offshore coal drifts is 8Km just over 4 miles with coal mining licenses extending even nearer to the most dangerous biohazard in the world.


Is it time for NGOs to lobby for an end to fossil fuel extraction in the vicinity of nuclear installations? The worlds first nuclear fuel manufacturing site, SPringfields at Preston is just five miles from the Preston New Road frack site.

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