Nuclear Convoy Concerns

in Friday’s Lancaster Guardian….

Nuclear Convoy Concerns  - Lancaster Guardian May 2017.jpg
Overnight Stop in Lancaster Near Schools and Houses for Trident Warheads

Warheads brought through Lancaster……

by Nick Lakin – Lancaster Guardian Thursday May 25th 2017

Concern has been raised over the transportation of nuclear warheads through the Lancashire countryside.

A major military convoy which left the M6 at Junction 34 and made its way to Halton Training Camp sparked debate on social media on Monday May 15th.

The convoy of trucks and HGVs with police escort is believed to have stopped off overnight at the Ministry of Defence site in Halton Road before rejoining the M6 the next day to make its way to Scotland.

Philip Gilligan from Milnthorpe, said he was concerned about reports that an accident involving one of the convoys could trigger a nuclear reaction.  He added: “It is nothing short of madness to transport nuclear warheads on our local motorways.

“Its surely time to ban all nuclear convoys from our roads.”

The organisation Nukewatch, a campaign group which “monitors and track the movement of British WMD’s from Aldermaston in Berkshire to Coulport on the West Coast of Scotland.” said that the most recent convoy left the “Atomic Weapons Establishment” at Burghfield on the morning of Monday May 15th 2017.

It headed along the M4 and up the A34 to join the M40 at junction 9.

It then pulled over onto the hard shoulder requiring the police to stop all traffic to allow a tow truck to hitch up to the rear of one of the vehicles.

The website says the convoy “appears to have spent the night at Halton Training Camp” before continuing its journey up the M6, M76, M80, M9 and A811 to Coulport.

Eyewitnesses in Lancaster reported seeing armed military police guarding the entrance of Halton Training Camp.

Dr Stuart Parkinson, a Lancaster resident and executive director of Scientists for Global Responsibility, said ” I’m especially concerned that the Halton base has been used as an overnight stop for a nuclear weapons convoy.  It is near homes and only a mile from a primary school.  Transport of these warheads creates unique risks to health, safety and the environment. Unplannedd events do occur – as the breakdown earlier in the day shows”

The Ministry of Defence said it did not comment on specific convoy movements.


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