What Jeremy Corbyn should have said about Sellafield

The Unions and Labour are betraying the British public with this nuclear obsession.

Nuclear Industries

David Hookes(Scientists for Global Responsibility) went canvassing in Copeland. Here is his report to Merseyside Momentum members:  

Canvassing in Copeland was very revealing- the housing estate I visited was utterly decrepit- it should have been demolished and rebuilt years ago. A number of residents mentioned that the recent MP who had resigned had taken a very well paid job at Sellafield from which he had originated. So he had neglected the constituency waiting for a better job back at his old employer (a factor not mentioned by BBC hysterical anti-Corbyn reporting).

Some of the anti-Corbyn propaganda had influenced a few voters however but when asked about what they did not like about him they were not very forthcoming.

Clearly a Labour leader who is not an enthusiast for nuclear power will have problems in this constituency. I think Corbyn should have confronted the issue head-on and produced the facts:

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