Game of Nuclear Thrones Aims to Keep Public Opposition at Arms Length and the Unions baying for public subsidy?

After months of Toshiba Westinghouse’s rather faux bankruptcy and the “on hold” status of Moorside, now (once again) China is in the news as being an “interested party.”  Meanwhile the nuclear obsessed unions are baying for ever more public subsidy for new nuclear build despite the growing evidence that nuclear provides negative equity in both health and prosperity. Yes nuclear is a “white elephant” which is already a drain on the public purse into eternity …but it is so much more than a “white elephant.”  The Chinese know this and have been out on the streets protesting in their thousands, despite their repressive regime.  Here in our green and pleasant democratic land, a lot of effort by government bodies including the National Public Intelligence Order Unit has gone into ensuring the UK public are apathetic about nuclear.  The Chinese would be up in arms about Moorside being “on hold” -they would say the plan should be scrapped.  Meanwhile reports in the mainstream press blind the public into believing that this is already a ‘nuclear plant’  – it is not – it is greenfields, floodplain and has internationally recognised designations of Conservation….all meaningless, as our democratic government has changed the law to “facilitate” this obscenity.

So, Chinese, Japanese, or South Korean backers bribed with HM Govnt’s sweeteners?  It makes no odds.  The Moorside plan needs to be stopped but who will take the lead?  Greenpeace? FoE?  Public Health England? CPRE?  A Greenpeace staffer whose family lives at Beckermet on the edge of the Moorside site has sent a letter of thanks to Radiation Free Lakeland for “kicking up a stink about Moorside. ”   As Mrs Brown would say “Thats Nice”.  But RaFL cannot do this alone.  The Moorside plan with its close proximity to Sellafield   threatens not just Cumbria but our European neighbours too.  This is not just a matter for Greenpeace UK but also for Greenpeace International and other international entities.   The Chinese people understand the intolerable and visceral threat from new nuclear in their midst.  When will we?  When its too late?  Hope not!

The NuGen project is in Moorside, Cumbria

A Chinese state-backed suitor is circling Toshiba’s troubled Cumbrian NuGen nuclear plant, according to reports.

A delegation of executives from State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (SNPTC) is due in London this week. They will meet with representatives from NuGen and the Nuclear Industry Association on Tuesday, the Sunday Times reported.

Read more: Kepco shows caution over NuGen deal while Moorside’s future remains at risk

Interest from China could test Prime Minister Theresa May‘s resolve over concerns about foreign takeovers of Britain’s energy, defence and telecoms firms.

Another state-backed operator, China General Nuclear, has 33 per cent stake in the £18bn Hinkley Point nuclear project. Last year, May demanded the government be given a “golden share” in the project. This would give them a right of veto over any future sale.

Read more: Engie backs out of the Moorside project, selling its stake to Toshiba

One of May’s key political advisers, Nick Timothy, has previously said Chinese investment into nuclear power was a threat to UK national security.

The NuGen plant was put up for sale after Toshiba took huge losses from overruns and delays in its reactor business Westinghouse. Although the division’s key problems were in the US and Japan, Toshiba has mothballed its NuGen operations until a new owner can be found.




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