German Nuclear Activist Arrested for Blockade of Uranium Hexaflouride

Report from DIANUKE

Please Support Hanna Poddig.

On Thursday, May 11th, 2017 German anti-nuclear activist Hanna Poddig went to the prison of Hildesheim (Lower Saxony state) in order to serve her sentence of up to 110 days imprisonment. She had refused to pay a fine of Euro 1650 (around INR 116,000) for chaining herself to a railway track, and finally has to serve the prison term now. Endorsements and solidarity messages can also be sent to

To know more details about the protest and arrest, click here.

International solidarity appeal initiated by National Alliance of Antinuclear Movements, India

“We strongly condemn the German government’s crackdown against anti-nuclear activist Hanna Poddig and her friends, despite its official policy of moving away from nuclear power after the Fukushima accident.

In 2012, Hanna and her friends blocked a train carrying depleted uranium hexafluoride, running unannounced through densely populated areas in Germany. In case of a rail accident, this waste would have contaminated the vast region. In relation to that entirely peaceful and significant protest, bringing attention to the unacceptable nuclear hazards, Hannah Poddig has been served a sentence of 110 days.

We appreciate Hannah’s courage for choosing the sentence over the monetary fine. This would bring international attention to the insurmountable risks associated with nuclear waste, its transport and storage.

We stand in solidarity with Hannah and her friends, and strongly urge the German authorities to release her unconditionally.”


Hanna is looking forward to receiving letters and postcards of solidarity. She expects to be released after about four weeks of imprisonment, as activist groups already started collecting donations to spare her of some of the 110 days in prison possible. Peaceful actions against nuclear power, as well as declarations of solidarity, and photos of support are also welcome.

Her address in prison:
Mrs. Hanna Poddig
JVA Hildesheim
Godehardplatz 7
D-31134 Hildesheim,

Additional :

Meanwhile outside the UK’s uranium processing plant just two days earlier…..

Blackpool and Fylde Community Protection Camp @Springfields 9.5.17.jpg

Springfields Near Preston, UK is the worlds first nuclear fuel manufacturing plant.  On 9th May there was a peaceful action by fracking activists from Blackpool and the Fylde to highlight the close proximity of Springfields to the proposed Preston New Road frack site.  At the Springfields site there are countless old containers of uranium hexaflouride which are no longer authorised for removal from the site.  The Springfields site continues to feed the nuclear industry both here in the UK and globally with uranium “products” and other nasty radiological and chemical substances.  There has been no media comment on the close proximity of Springfields to the PNR frack site.  Unite the union support the fight against fracking both financially and as a Union,  but they were apparently rather annoyed at fractivists highlighting the close proximity to Springfields.   Surely, given Unite’s stated opposition to fracking they should be shouting about the close proximity of the worlds first nuclear fuel processing plant to the” front line” of fracking?  The fact is that they are not, and bizarrely, they are annoyed about attention being drawn to something they should be leading the fight on ie the extraction of fossil fuels near nuclear installations.  This only adds to the growing circumstantial evidence that here in the UK there is a long standing  well orchestrated campaign from the highest levels aimed at blocking and diverting attention from the nuclear industry.   If its not a conspiracy it is doing the same job as one in sustaining a UK nuclear taboo.

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