Toshiba is Out..So…What stunt will Govnt pull next to try and force dangerous new reactors near Sellafield??

Images of “Moorside”  ie the several farms, ancient woodland, moss and floodplain of the river Ehen that this govnt is desperate to build three dangerous new nuclear reactors on.

In the Times…

“The troubled engineering giant Toshiba is preparing to mothball its project to build a £15bn-plus nuclear power station in Cumbria. NuGen, the company developing the plant planned for Moorside on the Cumbrian coast, has written to suppliers to warn them it will have to slash spending amid financial turbulence at its Japanese owner. It is also set to order staff who have been seconded to the project from other companies to return to their employers. The 3.4 gigawatt plant had been due to plug into the grid by 2026. However, it has been thrown into doubt by Toshiba’s financial crisis. The Japanese industrial giant has been hammered by ballooning costs on two nuclear reactor projects in America. Toshiba has put Westinghouse – the reactor maker it bought from the British government in 2006 – into bankruptcy in the US. Westinghouse had been due to install three of its AP1000 reactors at Moorside. Toshiba is also trying to sell the NuGen project to Korea Electric Power Corp, but the state-backed company is believed to favour installing its own reactors at Moorside. Doing so would set the project back by at least three years, requiring it to obtain regulatory approval from the nuclear watchdog. It would also have to launch a new consultation with the local community. The French power giant Engie, which owned a 40% stake in NuGen, has triggered a clause that forces Toshiba to buy back its share of the project. NuGen’s woes increase the pressure on Tokyo to strike a deal over Japan’s other British nuclear project – the Horizon plant planned by Hitachi for Wylfa in Anglesey. Hiroaki Nakanishi, boss of the engineering giant, met UK government ministers last week the discuss the project. NuGen said it was “undertaking a strategic review of its options following shareholder and vendor challenges” but remains a “key player within the UK nuclear industry”. It added: “NuGen is confident that the review will lead to an outcome that provides a more robust, stable and sustainable platform to meet their commitment to deliver the next generation of nuclear baseload [power] for the UK.”
Times 30th April 2017 read more

3 thoughts on “Toshiba is Out..So…What stunt will Govnt pull next to try and force dangerous new reactors near Sellafield??

  1. You need to look at Baroness Nevill-Rolff who was involved in dealing with the Hinkley point project with the Chinees backers,research shows that Hinkley point was well underway before the Government claimed it was a done deal, I forwarded my web site the the Baroness and Andrea Leadsom who both made incorrect and corrupt statements in what was a panick, in an attempt to block me they both where suddenly moved to other Government departments, Barroness Neville-Rolff was in Earley January 17 given a post in the Tresury its my bet that this was in preparation for the Briitsh tax payer to stump up the cost of ant further nuclear reactors , amazingly the Baroness is now a big player in Brexit negotiations something sinister need looking in to ,I would also confirm that I’ve never received any compensation been made bankrupt to block me taking these criminals to court ,I have a judgement in the ECJ ,our government will stop at nothing in securing there criminal nuclear dream ,Eurotom treaties appear to be of no consequence to the safety of the public enc why they are trying to pull out .

  2. Many thanks Ray. What you have been through is horrendous.. The secrecy in which the nuclear industry operates is without a doubt the only reason they can continue. If people knew the whole awfulness it would have been banned long ago. I have copied and pasted below some info from your website …hope that’s OK? TV & RADIO PROGRAMME LINKS BELOW PROVIDE AN OVERVIEW OF THE RAY FOX STORY

    Channel 4 TV “Mark Thomas’ Secret Map of Britain

    “Welcome to the most polluted house in Britain…”

    The dramatic introduction in a Channel 4 TV programme “Mark Thomas’ Secret Map of Britain” about Ray Fox and the most polluted house in Britain. The house in Wokingham Road, Earley, Reading, is next door to an alleged buried secret nuclear reactor on a former Shell petrochemical terminal. The package includes an interview with toxicologist Dr Dick Van Steenis (who says Ray has symptoms and effects of radioactive poisoning) and with Dr Chris Busby BSc, PhD, C.Chem, MRSC, a radiation scientist. Mark Thomas states that soil tests carried out by Dr Busby at the house revealed some of the highest levels of plutonium and uranium contamination ever recorded in Britain. Busby says in the report that the unique footprint of the uranium came from a nuclear reactor. Shell was quoted as stating that no nuclear material was ever stored or processed at the site which Shell sold for a housing development without disclosing ANY nuclear history of the site.

    Segment broadcast on London News Network “London Tonight” news on 18 July 2002: Reporter Sharon Thomas tells the story about alleged massive levels of radioactive contamination of Ray Fox…

    Says tests revealed plutonium levels 40 times higher than normal background radiation in Rays garden. Reports that although Shell had permission to store radioactive material at the Earley Terminal next door it says that it never did so. Ray accuses Shell of a cover-up. Report includes a statement by Shell saying the licence would not have covered plutonium and said “We can state categorically that our former depot at Earley was never used by us for any purpose than the storage of conventional oil products”. The Environmental Agency said that tests at neighbouring gardens showed normal background radiation.

    Ealing Studios video of the Ray Fox story headlined “Suburb Poisoned By Plutonium”

    Includes an interview with Dr Josef Kees who states that his tests found traces of uranium in the bloodstream and fatty tissue of Ray Fox at double normal expectancy.

    Unofficial transcript of BBC Radio 4 programme: The Bunker First broadcast on 6 October 2003

    Highly critical review of “The Bunker” published in “JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION” 2003 in an article by “Richard Wakefield”.

    The withering review by Wakefield ends with the sentence “Disappointing journalism, though.” In this connection, it is indeed disappointing to note that the author neglected to declare that he is Dr Richard Wakefield, Principle Research Scientist of British Nuclear Fuels Ltd – the expert often trotted out by BNF in the case of actual or potential claims against BNF and its predecessor, the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, which as we reveal, was a partner of Royal Dutch Shell in secret nuclear projects.


    Selection of pages from a related book “Wolves of Water”, also authored by Dr Chris Busby BSc, PhD, C.Chem, MRSC, a radiation scientist who once studied Laser Raman Spectro-electochemistry in collaboration with Shell Research.

    Published in 2006


    The nuclear project, however, has left behind some dark secrets. And without sophisticated radiation measuring equipment, the exposures are invisible.

    The most bizarre example is the buried Shell reactor in Reading, a large town in Berkshire. All the evidence points to the existence, several metres underneath a normal, quiet suburban housing estate, of a buried nuclear reactor, corroded and leaching its contents into the groundwater. The locals say that there is a high level of childhood leukaemia in the area; but no one really knows, as the health authority and the cancer registry will not release data to examine the assertions.

    First some background. The area around Reading has a statistically significant excess of childhood leukaemia, first flagged up by the local paediatric specialist at the Reading Royal Infirmary, Dr Carol Barton.

    Because of the strange influences on child leukaemia, we called this area, between Newbury, Reading and Oxford, the ‘Leukaemia Triangle’. I sent a letter to the British Medical Journal and they published it! 1t was picked up by all the major newspapers and became a cause célèbre.

    Enter Ray Fox
    Ray Fox wrote to me sometime around 1997 to ask my advice. He sent me photographs of his body, which showed large areas of red rashes and blistering. ‘Could it have been caused by radiation?’ he asked, and told me his story. Ray is a short, tough-looking, but also unwell-looking character with a cockney accent, a tenacious attitude (as well he might have, given his experiences) and a kind of desperate angry energy. He lived, until recently, in Earley, near Reading, Berkshire at 337 Wokingham Road. In the mid 1990s he dug up a drain at the bottom of his garden to clear a blockage that was flooding his garden. The land drain crossing the corner of his property was blocked with some tarry black material, which Ray cleared away. Shortly after this he became seriously ill. His body became covered in what appeared to be bums and blisters. The symptoms (including other symptoms which he recounted) appeared to be those of radiation poisoning. He had urine analysis done in Germany where slightly increased levels of Uranium and Plutonium were detected. Following Ray’s complaint about the drain, the plutonium and his illness, Shell immediately arranged for contractors to visit the property and dig up the drain, water jet the remaining sewer and close the system up, replacing all the material they removed with fresh soil.

    There began several years of struggle to obtain an explanation for his illness and its origin, a struggle that has slowly revealed elements of what appear to be a most extraordinary cover-up – a secret underground atomic research site operated in Reading in the 1960s by the Shell Oil Company as part of a research effort into the development of atom bombs. As a result of the energy Ray put into investigating the cause of his illness, he managed to get all the evidence he had collected and all the results of the measurements that were made to the media.

    Quite a few programmes were made, including prime time documentaries on TV and a BBC Radio 4 piece called ‘In The Bunker’, which was a highlight of the week it was broadcast and was repeated by popular demand. In this documentary, I went down a sewer behind Ray’s house (where the trouble had begun) with radiation monitoring equipment, the echoing commentary as I crawled underground, kitted up in gas mask and all the measuring gear, was reminiscent of a science fiction movie sound track.

    The drain Ray had unblocked was an illegal connection to the public land drain to the River Loddon draining material from the Shell ‘oil depot’. I first visited he house and garden and employed our gamma spectrometer to make radiation measurements of Ray’s house and garden as part of the Mark Thomas investigation on Channel 4 TV. Beta and alpha scintillation counting showed very slightly raised levels and there were slightly elevated levels of radiation, mainly gamma signals from natural Thorium 234. The house itself had slightly high levels of radiation, particularly the lower block work in some rooms, but none were high enough to be considered a health risk in themselves. Samples were taken on behalf of Ray’s insurance company and sent by their advisor, Dr Karta Badsha, to be analysed by LGC in Teddington. Results showed the presence of various toxic organic chemicals and heavy metals, as would be expected from groundwater near an oil depot, but there were also some very interesting radiochemical results which connect us with the Greenham fire and the leukaemia triangle. These are shown in Table 17.2.1.

    (Table is displayed on page 439 of the featured pages accessible via above link)

    These measurements indicate the presence of material from a nuclear reactor for the following reasons. With regard to the Plutonium, prior to 1945 the background level of Plutonium would have been zero. Since global weapons testing the background level in soil and grassland should be about 0.02 to 0.7 Bq/kg, as measured by Cawse and Horrill in the 1970s. Since then, the sea to land transfer of plutonium from Sellafield has increased these values to about 1-2 Bq/kg and in the area near Aldermaston readings as high as 5-10Bq/kg were found in a few samples near the perimeter fence. However, in the largest analytical exercise run in the area of Berkshire, the Newbury survey of 1997, very few samples gave levels higher than 2Bq/kg. Thus the house dust sample of 4.9Bq/kg shows a level 100 to 500 times higher than expected on the basis of weapons fallout. Plutonium 239 comes from the fission of Uranium 235 in a reactor or a bomb, or from reprocessing of spent fuel.

    Here is my own interpretation of it all. Having met many of the people who knew and read all the documents that have been unearthed, this Earley story is part of a larger one, which is about the cold war research into bombs.

    Leukaemia clusters, cancer clusters and the Cold war

    When the first research into nuclear weapons and nuclear power, and the uses of radiation generally, was being undertaken, Shell was a big player. At Earley, they were examining the possibilities associated with radiation, radioactive materials and organic solvents. This would be almost impossible for them not to have done.

    The Shell site undertook research into the reactions between organic solvents and Uranium and Plutonium, to see if they could develop liquid nuclear fuels, creating organometallic compounds, chemical adducts of U-235 and hydrocarbons or ethers, solubilising the radioactive elements so that they would be movable by pumping through tubes.

    The buried reactor story is only one of similar Cold War inheritances. For example, a Mr John Dwyer contacted me some years ago about another research reactor operated by Shell on the Wirral near Birkenhead (where Shell have a big refinery and research setup and where I worked many years ago for a short time). Dwyer has evidence that Shell made a chemical reactor using strontium-90 to beta irradiate solvents to see if there was any mileage in using radiation for chemical production. Mr Dwyer told me that the reactor had to be broken up in the 1980s and a team from Harwell turned up to advise. No one knew what to do. The whole affair was a nightmare of radioactivity. Dwyer alleges that it was taken away by private operators and buried in parts of North Wales. There are leukaemia clusters in parts of North Wales. The authorities say they are chance clusters.

    Related impressive CV of Dr Chris Busby published in same book, “Wolves of Water” (also back cover page with reference to “buried nuclear reactors under housing estates…”)


    1. Background

    I was asked by the BBC to investigate the levels of radioactivity in a land water drain at the end of the garden of 337 Wokingham Rd on 17th June 2003. This was further to some earlier evidence that there had been contamination of the garden and house at this address by isotopes from a nuclear reactor or bomb, specifically Uranium-235 and Plutonium 239. There had also been evidence brought forward that suggested that the site to the north of the property, previously owned by Shell Ltd, had been the location of an underground nuclear reactor and experimental nuclear laboratory which had suffered some accident in the 1980s and had been abandoned. Therefore I also made a brief survey of radioactivity in the vicinity of the property to see if there was any gamma or other evidence for the existence of this reactor.

    This exercise and its results support the conclusion that there is a source of material from a nuclear reactor or a nuclear bomb in the vicinity of the property. The absolute levels of the material remaining in the drain do not allow us to conclude that the drain itself was the main source of this contamination. However, since the drain has been cleaned and water-jetted in the early 1990s it is unlikely that much material would have remained and so the Caesium to Plutonium ratios are consistent with the conclusion that highly concentrated material containing Plutonium-239 was at one time in the drain and that we are measuring the small amount that has remained after cleaning and the passage of more than 10 years.

    Taken from …

    1. Raymond Foxl

      Hi Marian

      Thank you for posting up my story ,the nuclear industry is riddled with evil criminal and supported by government,my web site does not expose the full story because if I did I would not be hear today but they know the true facts after the Shell bunker blew up on 06 August 1986 of course because it was under ground a cover up was put in place claiming there had been a tanker fire on site but amazingly it did not explode ,what did happen was horrendously serious radiation was sent all over the community many many sadly died but not immediately but as the result of it ,this shows the mass power they have,after watching my adopted children parents die who lived near by and I fell ill and suspected I was dying and some how managed to find Dr Josef Kees in Germany I was in his Clinnic for many months, of course when I returned back to the Uk every dirty trick was done to me to try and shut me up and stop looking ,ministers in government should be arrested along with those at She’ll now retired on mass pensions to ensure there silence ,also look at http://www.nuclearcrimes .com , I have a CD of the bunker program if you would like a copy ,I’ve sent it to many corrupt ministers

      Kind regards


      Sent from my iPad


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