Cumbria Life – “Chernobyl The Cloud Lingers On”

This article was written in 1996 and appeared in Cumbria Life. You would be hard pressed to find such a hard hitting article today anywhere. Is this because since the late 1990s the UKs Most trusted environmental NGOs Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth have been soft pedalling on nuclear (why?!) while industry and government have been busy with their propaganda machines. The stage has been set for the “nuclear renaissance” concrete is being poured right now at Hinkley, 300 boreholes have been drilled at Moorside and there is a Big Forgetting of Chernobyl, This is a stage being set for the unwanted drama of further nuclear sacrifice zones. Remember Chernobyl

Cumbria Life 1996 - Chernobyl 10 years on

Cumbria Life and Chernobyl…a hard hitting article from 1996…

The lifestyle magazine, Cumbria Life, is not where you would expect to find a hard- hitting article on Chernobyl and the nuclear industry. But that is exactly what was published in this Cumbrian coffee table magazine in 1996. ….

(the article is in the public domain but not online – any mistakes in transcript are mine)


The cloud lingers on

Ten years ago a cloud washed over the Cumbrian fells, coating the grass, trees, heather, bracken and rocks with a film of radiation. It came from Chernobyl, a ruptured nuclear reactor in the Ukraine, several thousand miles away. Early, confident predictions that the heavy Cumbrian rain, that brought down the radioactive Caesium in the first place would now wash it from the uplands, were quietly buried. No amount of rain was every going to wash away the poison from Chernobyl…

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