Children Still Endangered by Chernobyl Radiation in Russia; Russia Pretends Area Has Improved; Removes Medical, Social Insurance and Compensation

Today is the 31st year of the Chernobyl disaster…like all nuclear disasters there is still no end in sight as the damage snowballs through the generations. Remember Chernobyl.

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Stariye Bobovichi is one of thousands of communities in Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus officially declared contaminated by Chernobyl. Recently, however, the Russian government upgraded the status of this village, claiming it had improved. This claim deprived the residents of this village of the appropriate medical, social insurance and compensation they would get as victims of the disaster.” (Rashid Alimov, Greenpeace – read article below.) Gee, sounds like Fukushima victims in Japan! Have Russia and Japan been talking at Sakhalin? When reading about Rosatom, below, bear in mind that Rosatom is a State Corporation and is subordinate to the Russian President (Putin), rather than the government.

From Greenpeace:
Chernobyl: lessons not learned
Blogpost by Rashid Alimov – 25 April, 2017 at 18:50

A greyish brick building with a bust of Lenin in front of it. A school in Stariye Bobovichi in the Bryansk region…

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