Instead of a £5 Easter Egg – how about donating to Highlands Against Nuclear Transport …

This is something that should be on the radar of everyone in Cumbria and Beyond
Crowdfunder Appeal

To assist with campaign running costs


£540 raised of £1,000 target 54 %
15 supporters 11 days left
This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 1:00pm 26th April 2017

Highlands Against Nuclear Transport is active in raising  awareness in the Highlands and beyond of the nuclear waste being transported by rail, sea and air from the Dounreay nuclear site  in the far north of Scotland to Sellafield in Cumbria and to the US.

We work to inform the general public along these routes of the dangers posed by these transports; we lobby the  Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, UK and Scottish Governments;  and  we work to gain political support to halt these movements and to store the materials at Dounreay under  security and constant monitoring. We achieve this by holding regular public meetings and events in the  Highlands with expert speakers related to  the environnment, health  & safety, emergency planning and nuclear transports.

We promote our campaign through social media,  media coverage in local and national papers &  TV, attending meetings and conferences related to nuclear issues  and working in partnership with organisations sharing HANT’s aims, including Nuclear Free Local Authorities and Friends of the Earth  Scotland.

The Transport Issues:

Air – there are current plans to transport 750kg of highly enriched uranium from Dounreay to the US by air from Wick John O’ Groats Airport – a distance of over 4000 miles.

Rail – there are current movements and many planned movements of spent fuel / nuclear waste from Dounreay to Sellafield –  a distance of 400 miles.  

– there have been movements and are three planned movements to transport spent fuel / nuclear fuel by sea from Scrabster near Dounreay to Barrow near Sellafield – a distance of over 400 miles.

Campaign Positions:

HANT believes the movements are unecessary ; all nuclear waste (low, medium and high level) should be stored on the site where it is produced – the Nuclear Decommissioning  Authority has stated that this would be possible at Dounreay.

The movements pose unacceptable risks to the populations living in proximity to the air, sea and rail routes and these risks also apply to the environment and the  local industries which rely on clean air and sea to ensure their products can be consumed safely.

These movements are happening to save money and with no regard to  the risks posed by accidents, terrorism or nuclear radiation.

£1000 will enable us to continue campaigning

by covering the costs of holding meetings & events, IT support, publicity materials and travel & accomodation expenses for volunteeers. Your donation, large or small, will be much appreciated.

Much more information on our activities is available on our website and

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