Plenty of Nukiller Slush Funds for Greenwash

Plenty of Nukiller slush funds for greenwash while Toshiba (NuGen ) plans bankruptcy .

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 1:10PM

Wildlife garden to grow thanks to nuclear
An art centre’s wildlife garden will be developed further thanks to a grant from a
nuclear company.
Wildlife garden to grow thanks to nuclear grant
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An art centre’s wildlife garden will be developed further thanks to a grant from a
nuclear company.

Florence Arts Centre received money from NuGen, the firm behind the proposed
Moorside development, in 2015 to turn an area of waste ground into a garden.

Now, the company has handed over a grant of up to £5,000 to allow the centre to
improve the area.

Florence board member Pippa de Gara said: “As phase one went so well we decided to
submit a second bid for phase two development of the wildlife garden, and we are
delighted to have recently been told the bid was successful.

“This involves working in partnership with the ‘Stay West’ group, young adults with
learning disabilities, who are based at Lakes College, but spend a lot of time
carrying out voluntary work at Florence Arts Centre.

“We intend wherever possible to use existing structures and keep the area as natural
as possible, enhancing what is already in place and hopefully encouraging
involvement from schools, local groups and the community in general.”

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The plans include a new cleft oak fence along the boundary, willow arches to form a
pathway along the side of the building, raised beds for growing vegetables and a
table for outside art work.

Since the last grant work has been carried out, with help from Stay West students
and Thornhill School pupils, to build bug hotels, bird hides and a pond in the

NuGen has identified 14 community projects which will receive Green Grants worth
more than £35,000. These grants are designed to improve the local environment and
promote sustainability.

The grant winners were picked by an panel made up of NuGen CEO Tom Samson, Copeland
mayor Mike Starkie, Ann Lackie, from Cumbria Wildlife Trust, and Elspeth Lees, from
the University of Cumbria.

Mr Samson said: “The selection process is getting harder because the calibre of
applications has really gone up a notch, I think Green Grants has allowed the
projects to get creative and aim high – the sky really is the limit for some of
these ideas.”

The rapidly-evolving nuclear power crisis escalated dramatically yesterday (March
29) with the announcement that US nuclear giant Westinghouse, a subsidiary of
Japanese conglomerate Toshiba, has filed for bankruptcy. The Chapter 11 filing took
place in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York in New York
Toshiba and Westinghouse are in crisis because of massive cost overruns building
four ‘AP1000’ nuclear power reactors in the southern US states of Georgia and South
Carolina. The combined cost overruns for the four reactors amount to about US$11.2
billion (A$14.5 billion) and counting.

Whether the four reactors will be completed is now subject to an “assessment period”
according to
No other reactors are under construction in the US and there is no likelihood of any
new reactors in the foreseeable future. The US reactor fleet is one of the oldest in
the world ‒ 44 out of 99 reactors have been operating for 40 years or more ‒ so
nuclear decline is certain.

Westinghouse had debts totalling US$9.8 billion Plans for new Westinghouse reactors
in India, the UK and China are in jeopardy and will likely be cancelled. Bloomberg
yesterday: “Westinghouse Electric Co., once synonymous with America’s industrial
might, wagered its future on nuclear power ‒ and lost.”

The same could be said about Toshiba, which is selling profitable businesses to
stave off bankruptcy. Toshiba said yesterday it expects to book a net loss of US$9.1
billion (A$11.9 billion) for the current fiscal year, which ends on Friday ‒ a
record loss for a Japanese manufacturer. That projected loss is well over double the
estimate provided just last month. “Every time they put out an estimate, the loss
gets bigger and bigger,”
Zuhair Khan, an analyst at Jefferies in Tokyo. “I don’t think this is the last
cockroach we have seen coming out of Toshiba.”

The BBC noted<; that Toshiba’s share-price
has been in freefall, losing more than 60% since the company first unveiled the
problems in December 2016. Toshiba president Satoshi Tsunakawa
at a news conference yesterday: “We have all but completely pulled out of the
nuclear business overseas.”

A similar crisis is unfolding in France, which has 58 power reactors but just one
under construction. French ‘EPR’ reactors under construction in France (Flamanville)
and Finland are three times over budget ‒ the combined cost overruns for the two
reactors amount to about €12.7 billion (A$17.8 billion) and counting. The French
government is selling assets so it can prop up its heavily indebted nuclear
utilities Areva and EDF. The French nuclear industry is in its “worst situation
ever” according to former EDF director Gérard Magnin.

Dr Jim Green, national nuclear campaigner with Friends of the Earth said: “Nuclear
lobbyists are abandoning the tiresome rhetoric about a nuclear power renaissance.
They are now acknowledging that the industry is in crisis. The crisis-ridden US,
French and Japanese nuclear industries account for half of worldwide nuclear power
generation. Countries with crisis-ridden nuclear programs or nuclear phase-out
policies account for more than half of worldwide nuclear power generation. Nuclear
industries in some other countries ‒ such as the UK ‒ are in deep trouble and are
approaching a crisis situation.”

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  1. Jacqueline Donnelly

    Hi Marianne,

    Did you see the local news tonight? Seems one of the companies involved in Moorside has declared bankruptcy and someone supposedly in the know thinks it unlikely Moorside will happen. A glimmer of hope?

    On Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 6:15 PM, Radiation Free Lakeland wrote:

    > mariannewildart posted: “Plenty of Nukiller slush funds for greenwash > while Toshiba (NuGen ) plans bankruptcy . Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at > 1:10PM > grow-thanks-to-nuclear-grant-a40a833b-e307-413f-b909-0dcd978b3a27-ds > Wildl” >

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