Update on the Halden reactor release an exchange of views #IAEA #UNSCEAR

Update on the Norwegian “incident”



This is from the comments from the Halden nuclear incident report with some updated information. I would like to thank Peter for his input into this. The exchange was by far better than the attacks on Nils and myself on the Youtube video i did for my You tube subs. In fact I had to delete some of the responses because of the threatening and abusive nature on that video comments but I still left the ones that did try to offer some valid commentary though. I have the full report in Norwegian and am in the process of translating it. A quote from that report is to be found below. Shaun McGee aka arclight

Here is the exchange between myself and Peter on the topic;

  • This is not worrying at all! Get a grip!
    The release was from a fuel rig withdrawn from the reactor. The release was of…

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