Violence to Farmland by the Nuclear Industry Has been going on for Too Long. ENOUGH!


300 boreholes being drilled at “Moorside”  actually this is a vast 1400 acre area between the once farming hamlet of Sellafield and the village of Beckermet.  The area covers several farms including Greenmoorside from which “Moorside” insensitively takes its name.  Where is Melvyn Bragg?  Silent!!!

The News and Star reported this week on the “devastation” felt by a Cumbrian farmer who has been given a year to leave the land in order to make way for “Europe’s biggest nuclear development.” There are many more farmers who will lose their land and livelihoods.  Some farms would be  immediately buried under the 1400 acre area earmarked for the diabolic nuclear reactors and associated sprawl.  Others would inevitably lose their livelihoods in the future from inevitable accidents and incidents should Moorside go ahead.

The wildlife both marine and terrestrial that would be left devastated by Moorside both immediately and in the future is beyond comprehension, which is maybe why Cumbria Wildlife Trust and others have chosen to turn a blind eye.  There is no excuse for this terrible wilful neglect by those who are tasked with the protection of Cumbria.

Volunteers Radiation Free Lakeland have been deliberately marginalised and ignored and on occasion laughed at by those same groups who profess to love Cumbria and a sustainable future.. it does get wearing…but the struggle is essential and we urge others previously standing on the sidelines to take a stand against new nuclear build.  Everything else is meaningless if we cannot use the land, the sea and our  rivers running from the mountains to the sea for anything but a receptacle for the nuclear industry.

News and Star - Violence of the Nuclear industry Farm snatching.jpg
News and Star

Who remembers Melvyn Bragg’s tears reported all over the media at the National Trust stepping in to buy a Cumbrian farm?

The Guardian reported last year: “Lord Bragg, a native of Cumbria, lambasted the trust’s actions, branding it a “disgraceful purchase” and a “nasty piece of work”, adding that its opening bid of £200,000 above the £750,000 guide price to put off other potential buyers was “straight out of the mafia”.In a letter to the Times, he accused the National Trust of behaving badly and accused its director-general, Dame Helen Ghosh, of behaving “dictatorially”.

Lord Bragg has refused to even answer any of our letters regarding the violence being done by the nuclear industry to the farmland on the fertile plain between the mountains and the sea at “Moorside”  (actually several farms, between the once farming hamlet of Sellafield and the village of Beckermet, including Greenmoorside from which “Moorside” insensitively takes its name).  This is the fertile plain where fell farmers traditionally brought herdwick down to overwinter.

The National Trust bought up land to protect it for wildlife – at some point it may be farmed again whereas  the nuclear industry is buying up land to pollute it (and us) forever into eternity.