A beginner’s guide to the Guardian

George Monbiot has trashed solar calling it “Eco bling” He has trashed wind power alongside the M6 at Shap… Instead he has been telling Cumbrians that what they need is lovely new nuclear and not nasty old coal. Now it looks like Cumbrians are to be frogmarched into both diabolic Nuclear and Coal (in very close proximity) on the West Coast. There is a deathly silence from George and the Guardian on this abuse. Apparently, in the world according to George, the Herdwick is the greatest threat Cumbrians have ever faced.


by Darren Allen

The Guardian newspaper is a limited company and has been since 2008 when the Scott Trust was wound up and replaced by The Scott Trust Ltd, which appoints a board comprised of bankers, management consultants, venture capitalists and other classic left-wingers. The paper itself is written nearly exclusively by elite-educated members of the upper middle class. The viewpoint you would expect to come from this privileged set-up is what you do get.

Murray McDonald, in his Hidden History of the Guardian, explains that The Guardian was launched to undermine working-class leaders of the early 19th century reform movement (whose members were massacred at Peterloo), and during its 150 year history has denounced Ireland’s freedom fighters, Women Suffragettes, Abraham Lincoln’s campaign to end slavery, third world nationalism and pretty much any kind of genuine independence from the system. It supported Tony Blair, even when the…

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