Treasure Trove on the Ancient Greenfields of Moorside


This months Cumbria Life carries a story about the Important Viking Treasure Trove found by two lucky archeological enthusiasts.  What the story neglects to mention is that this treasure was found on the land known as “Moorside” earmarked for three dangerous nuclear reactors.  …..

CUMBRIA LIFE February 2017

Treasure Trove

Viking hoard discovered in Beckermet on display.

Viking treasure unearthed by two Cumbrian amateur archeological enthusiasts will go on display at The Beacon in Whitehaven this month.

Justin Bell and Daniel Boakes who are  both from West Cumbria, found 20 silver items dating from the 10th century while metal detecting in the Beckermet area in August 2014.

The 16 ingots and four rings were sent to the British Museum to be verified before being returned to Cumbria.  The Viking Hoard will go on display from Saturday February 18th and will be officially launched by Justin and Daniel on Saturday February 25th.

Elizabeth Kwasnik director of the museum, said: “we are delighted to have the Norse hoard as a key part of Copeland’s historic collection.  It will give the community a focal point to understand more about the Scandinavian people who settled in this area and became part of our ancestry.”

Evidence suggests that the hoard could have been brought to Cumbria from as far away as Russia.

The discovery is the second such find in Cumbria in recent years.  The Furness Hoard was found on farmland near Dalton inFurness in 2011.  It is on display in the Dock Museum, Barrow in Furness.




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