Peace Camp looking for caravans: drop us a hint or an offer! Public, we need your help!

Want to send your old caravan to a really good home….here’s how!

Faslane Peace Camp

In 35 years many bits and pieces of the camp infrastructure have risen, fallen and risen again. One of the most characteristic parts of the Peace Camp infrastructure are probably the caravans, which keep on housing the arriving anti-nuclear activists. And we love these caravans, we love them to bits. Literally. Some of the vans are almost as old as the camp itself: and no matter how much love and carpentry you shower them with, eventually they retire themselves.

Well loved, but nothing stays young forever.  Help us to expand our collection of colorful caravans! Well loved, but nothing stays young forever. Help us to expand our collection of colorful caravans!

Currently, we are renewing many parts of the camp infrastructure and building many things totally new. And this is something we need YOUR help with! You are most welcome to join us in direct activities against the nuclear madness: but there are many other ways to help this struggle, too.

Thus: we are looking for…

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Open Letter to All Copeland Candidates


Toxic Love – Image by Andy Liepzig

The following letter was published in the Whitehaven News today.  It is a question we have asked repeatedly…

An Open Letter to All the Candidates in the Copeland By Election

Radiation Free Lakeland are a campaign group for nuclear safety with many supporters in West Cumbria.   Last September the science correspondents of all the national newspapers reported on the release of a new report which should concern all the Copeland candidates.

Since the 1980s there have been concerns that nuclear plants were causing leukaeimia in children after disease rates were found to be up to 20 times greater than the national average in communities like Seascale and Maryport

On 30th September 2016 the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (Comare) said there was no evidence that it was nuclear power plants themselves which were behind the increase, as, they said, the radioactive emissions “are too low.”

Instead, they said it was more likely that the large influx of people who moved to rural areas to staff the plants had brought in a mystery virus, which had triggered cancer in the children of local populations. They call this “population mixing.” Historically this was rather less of an increase than that which is being proposed now for Moorside which makes John Woodcock’s carrot of over “20,000 jobs” (Cumbria has 4000 receiving JSA or Universal Credit ) more of a threat than a promise.

How likely is it that previous governments would have knowingly instigated an increase of up to 20 times the national average of childhood leukaemia in Cumbria? Anyone who has been through their child being diagnosed with leukaemia knows the heartache and that their lives and the lives of their whole family and network of friends will be changed forever, whatever the outcome. What on earth could be worth even the risk of one child having leukaemia?   In the 1950’s it was the special relationship with America and the Manhattan Project which drove the nuclear industry. One of the key scientists in the Manhattan Project was Dr John Gofman who described the licensing of new nuclear power plants as “premeditated murder” and said that there is evidence of harm to DNA “all the way down to the lowest doses” of radiation.   The reason we are told nuclear is “necessary” today is to provide so called “low carbon” electricity. Really? Even the CEO of the National Grid Steve Holliday says that the idea of large coal fired or nuclear power stations for “baseload” power is “outdated.”

Any MP for Copeland, host of the already intolerably dangerous “nuclear heartland’ is tasked not only with protecting the wider population but also West Cumbrians.

We would like to ask you the following question relating to the local population:

QUESTION: COMARE, and the UK government state that the Cumbrian childhood leukaemia excess is due to a novel virus brought in by a large number of construction workers which then goes on to infect a relatively rural local population.   Do you think that government must take responsibility for this view and inform the local community to expect an increase in childhood leukeamia following the construction of the planned nuclear facility at Moorside?

Yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby

Radiation Free Lakeland


Incidence of Increased Cancers

COMARE and Childhood Leukaemia

National Grid – Nuclear is Outdated


UK Union pleads for money for nuclear reactor but is it feasible?

Unions are desperate for unlimited public money to be put into dangerous nuclear plans while hospitals and essential services are starved of cash. There is something seriously rotten at the heart of nuclear.


“There are substantial concerns about writing blank cheques so policy is more to work extremely hard to make sure that this happens if all possible.” Mr Lenox said a £6bn gap in funding would be left if Toshiba did not come on board and it would be “crazy” to put that amount of money in.
16 February 2017
The Labour and Tory by-election candidates for Copeland locked horns over whether the Government should underwrite investment into the planned Moorside nuclear power station. Prime Minister Theresa May had earlier been accused by the GMB union, which represents nuclear workers, of “ducking” concerns about the future of the development after huge losses reported by Toshiba, one of its backers while on a visit to Copeland.
The question arose again at a hustings, staged by GMB, in Whitehaven on Wednesday night when candidates Trudy Harrison (Conservative), Gillian Troughton (Labour), Rebecca Hanson (Liberal Democrats)…

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