TONIGHT  7.00 PM on Market Square Whitehaven outiside the hustings lets show resistance to the plan for the biggest nuclear development in Europe. Banners most probably  won’t be allowed in the hustings  BUT.  Lets show RESISTANCE to the Moorside plan by standing outside with banners  from 7.00 …this is half an hour before the event begins at 7.30  From past experience those standing with banners will no doubt not be chosen to ask a question.  BUT These are just a few of the questions that need to be asked by those going in to quiz the prospective MP  for COPELAND .


What do the candidates think of the plan to plough £millions of public money into the Moorside plan while NHS services are being cut here in Cumbria and nationally.

What do the candidates think of the plan to “implement geological disposal” given that Cumbria is the only area in the frame.  Moorside would produce wastes hotter than from previous reactors as the uranium would be burnt harder and longer.

DO candidates agree with the Committee on Aspects of Radioactive Emissions in the Environment that it is not nuclear installations that cause cancer but the building of those installations with the influx of 20,000 into a rural area?  The the premise being that a “mystery virus” was brought about by “population mixing”… The government says it believes you?

Do candidates agree with the pioneer of plutonium in the Manhattan Project, Dr John Gofman than licensing nuclear reactors is “premeditated murder”  and that the evidence of harm from emissions is “good all the way down to the lowest doses” ?

The uranium for Moorside would be mined in Kazakhstan where Toshiba/Westinghouse have a 10% share in the mines.  The uranium fuel rods for Moorside would be made in Springfields, Preston, where the fuel was made for the worlds first nuclear accident at Windscale.  Do the candidates think this is a good idea?

Stop Moorside Banner



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