Beware of the Bull on World Cancer Day

Information from Jean McSorley’s excellent book: Living in the Shadow


It was World Cancer Day yesterday.  Supporters of a Radiation Free Lakeland went along to Workington to collect signatures on a letter to the director of Public Health in Cumbria.  The letter asked Colin Cox for a reply to the hundreds of letters already written questioning the government’s assertion that the influx of construction workers for Drigg, Calder Hall and Sellafield has caused the “excess” (up to 10X the national average) cancers in Cumbria.  As one person put it to me : “so does this mean that the government  is saying it is  workers coming into build cancer factories that has made a virus causing cancer rather than the cancer factories themselves”   Quite.  The “virus” of course is a “mystery virus.”

We have asked Colin Cox if he A.  Agrees with government that population mixing is the cause of the “excess” of childhood leukaemia in areas of Cumbria


B. Agrees with Nuclear power pioneer Dr John Gofman that “Licensing a nuclear power plant is random premeditated murder ….the evidence is good all the way down to the lowest (radiation) doses”

When we asked Colin Cox this question back in May 2016 we recieved the dismissive reply below:

“Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding health risks arising from “population mixing” during the development of Moorside power station in West Cumbria. I am the Chair of the Moorside Health Impact Assessment Steering Group. Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a rigorous approach to identifying and mitigating any health risks, and identifying and maximising any health gains, arising from this development. At its meeting this morning, the steering group agreed that the issue of population mixing will be considered within the overall HIA. The HIA is due to be completed by the end of this year. I will not be making any public comment on this matter before this process is complete. I hope this information is helpful.

Regards, Colin Cox

Colin Cox Director of Public Health Cumbria County Council The Courts Carlisle CA3 8NA”

Sellafield – “Beware of the Bull”

After speaking to people in Workington yesterday and collecting more signatures to add to the hundreds already sent to the Director of Public Health, we went for a walk.

Later, six of us walked the length of the Moorside site from St Bridgets Church, Beckermet to Sellafield.  We didnt have any banners or even rucksacks, we were dressed for eg.going for a stroll round Beatrix Potter’s Hill Top farm.  Nevertheless we were stopped twice by armed police on a public path and cyclepath.  The first encounter was with two police on foot who caught us up as we were walking away from Sellafield on a public footpath.  They asked a few times what we were doing – When we asked why would they want to know that we had been to look at the plaque remembering the Windscale fire, they replied “because of the world situation.”   We all thought – ‘so you want to make the world situation worse by doubling Sellafield?’  – but we didnt say it.    One of the people with us was a journalist.  Journalists have the right to go about their business unhindered by the police – the police still took his details though.   On the way back as we neared Old St Bridgets Church at Beckermet there was a police 4WD blocking the route.  This was different police who said “I believe you have talked to our colleagues”  these police seemed a bit more narky and asked another one of our group for their name – they refused.   The Civil Nuclear Police are ALREADY treating Moorside like a licensed nuclear installation and intimidating people.  Some of the ancient footpaths across this land of ancient historic significance have already been trashed, for example the remnant of Sellafield Tarn and the Tarn Cottage are now inaccessible.    How far this militaristic shadow (guarding cancer factories “population mixing” or radioactive emissions!!!)  spreads across Cumbria is up to us all #StopMoorside

“Moorside “- Biggest Nuclear Devlopment in Europe is proposed on the River Ehen Floodplain


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